Using sparklers as part of your wedding isn’t a new concept, but there are new and inventive ways to do it surfacing every day. Putting your own spin on how they are used can be a fun addition to your celebration. However, most couples only think of ways to use them during their reception. That means they completely overlook the fun ways to use sparklers at a wedding ceremony, too.

The trouble is that people typically use sparklers during their wedding exit or send-off line. While that is a great use for them, it can make you blind to all of the other possibilities. To ensure that you’re weighing all of your options equally, we’ve put together this list of 7 ways to use sparklers at a wedding ceremony. Though some of these ideas are a bit unorthodox, they can still be a great way to make your ceremony sparkle!

Instead of a Flower Girl

Instead of having the flower girl toss rose petals, why not let her hold a lit wedding sparklers instead? First, using sparklers for weddings while walking down the aisle is much less expensive than buying rose petals. Second, there is no cleanup with sparklers so you can save time and money there, too. But best of all, it will make your ceremony stand out much more by breaking away from the same old traditions.

During the Processional

Instead of just the flower girl, consider having each group during the processional hold wedding sparklers. Each groomsman and bridesmaid will have their own special time in the sun, and all eyes will be on them. It’s an inexpensive way to make the processional much more dazzling.

During the Bride’s Entrance

For a very dramatic entrance for the bride, consider giving each of your guests a sparkler to light and hold. Just place one at each chair, and make a statement about it in your wedding programs. You can even place them inside for a really cool wedding program that everyone will remember forever!

Instead of a Unity Candle

Many couples light a unity candle to symbolize the joining of their two lives. Another popular way to do this is called a sand ceremony. However, lighting a sparkler together instead of a candle will create a much more spectacular effect. Plus, it will give you some very unique photos to put into your scrapbook!

During the Vows

During the vows a perfect time to use sparklers at a wedding ceremony! Many couples are writing their own vows these days instead of reciting pre-written passages. Imagine holding a lit sparkler and adding phrases like “you make my heart sparkle” to your vows. It will leave your partner speechless, and also your guests breathless!

Sparklers at a Wedding Ceremony imageDuring the Big Kiss

Your big kiss may seem spectacular enough already, but just think about the cool affects you could add for the photos! Perhaps you could have your wedding party stand behind you holding sparklers as a backdrop. You could definitely have “most memorable photo” taken off of your checklist! Or perhaps just a single one held by your ceremony officiant. Whatever you choose, it will be an awe0inspiring sight in person, but even better in your scrapbook.

During the Recessional

Similar to using them during your processional, having your wedding party hold sparklers as they make their exit can punctuate a fantastic ceremony. Perhaps you want each group to have its own or maybe you just one the bride and groom holding one together. Whatever you choose, the processional is a great time to use sparklers at a wedding ceremony.

How to Use Sparklers at a Wedding Ceremony Safely

Safety is paramount when it comes to using anything flammable, and sparklers are no different. Make sure to keep them up and away from people and objects at all time. Also, make sure you have proper first aid materials on hand at all times. Lastly, make sure you have equipment ready to extinguish any fires that may possibly occur. Wedding sparklers are typically very safe, but they must be used properly and you must take the proper safety precautions just in case.

As you can see from these examples, there are plenty of fun ways to use sparklers at a wedding ceremony. They aren’t just for your reception; they can be used during all stages of your celebration. From a dazzling processional to creating stunning photos, there are plenty of great ways to make your ceremony an event to remember!