With so many sizes, shapes, and colors of wedding sparklers available, deciding on what is the best type for your needs can be challenging. Depending on how you plan to use them, each style of sparkler can be the perfect fit. Since they are the least expensive and generally readily available, finding ways to use 10 inch sparklers at your wedding is one of the most popular concepts out there. Here are 4 ways to use them during your wedding to make your celebration much more memorable.

Sparklers as Wedding Decorations

One of the easiest ways to use 10 inch sparklers at your wedding is to place them around your reception tables as decorations. Since wedding sparklers typically come in ugly packaging, most couples choose to dress them up by using either sparkler tags or sparkler holders printed on card stock. Optionally, you can hang them with your streamers or garland to create a more unique appearance.

Sparklers in your Centerpieces

Another great way to use 10 inch sparklers for weddings is to place them in your centerpieces. Rather than just sticking with the standard flowers found in most centerpieces, adding a few sparklers can really make yours unique and more interactive. Additionally, since 10 inch wedding sparklers are incredibly inexpensive, they can save you money versus buying flowers. You can easily cut your flower expenses in half while making your centerpieces better.

Use 10 inch Sparklers as Wedding Favors

Similar to using them as decorations, you may want to use 10 inch sparklers at your wedding as favors. Not only will they dress up your reception tables, but they will be a great item for your guests to play with and enjoy throughout the evening.

Using 10 Inch Wedding Sparklers in your Photos

Using sparklers to create cool effects in your wedding photos is an increasingly popular trend. You can use 10 inch sparklers at your wedding as really awesome photo props. If you set the camera right, you can write words or shapes in the air using a lit sparkler and capture it on film. Additionally, you can use your sparklers during your ceremony when you have your first kiss. You can even use them in your actual wedding photo shoot with the bride and groom both holding onto a single sparkler. There is no shortage of great ways to use 10 inch sparklers at your wedding in photos, so let your creative side show and experiment with getting that perfect shot!

Reasons to Use 10 Inch Sparklers at your Wedding

Besides all the great uses for 10 inch wedding sparklers, what are the reasons you should choose that particular size? Probably the most obvious reason is that they are the lowest prices wedding sparklers that you can buy. In fact, they are so cheap that they fit into almost every single wedding budget.

Furthermore, they are perfect for smaller wedding with less than 50 people because they won’t last way too long. If you buy longer wedding sparklers, you run the risk of having your guests standing there bored while they wait for them to finish. This isn’t as bad as your sparklers fizzling out too quickly, but it is still something you want to avoid.

At the end of the day, whether or not you want to use 10 inch sparklers at your wedding depends on how you plan to use them and how many guests you plan to have. They work best as decorations in centerpieces and on your tables as wedding favors, but they can also be used as photo props if you have a more intimate wedding planned. Since they are priced so affordably, it’s safe to say that every wedding should have at least a few packages of 10 inch wedding sparklers lying around for various fun purposes!