From holidays and birthdays to weddings and New Year’s, sparklers are integrated into our society in many different ways. They add a certain type of “specialness” to any celebration, and they are beloved by almost everybody. Traditional versions are known far and wide, but there are plenty of unique sparklers that you never knew existed. Here are my favorites to expand your horizons.

Yo-Yo Sparklers

Yo-Yo sparklers are probably one of the coolest sparkler designs imaginable; if it worked as intended. The concept was that it would burn up one side of the sparkler, and then back down the other. It was really cool when it worked! However, the pyrotechnic compounds burned too quickly; sometimes so quickly that the sparkler exploded! For that reason, the CPSC recalled the sparklers immediately. The fact that they were cool but eventually recalled puts them at the top of our list.

Bottle Sparklers/Cake

These unique items serve a dual purpose; the sparklers can be attached to bottles or they can be inserted into a cake. When used for bottles, it can be a great asset to bars and nightclubs to increase sales. However, it is much more common to see them used on cakes. They are most popular for birthdays, but they can also be used as wedding cake sparklers for more adventurous couples. What makes them unique is that they perform more like a fountain compared to traditional versions.

Image of Unique Sparklers Made with LEDsLED Sparklers

If you take away the flame, you get something totally unique and safe to use everywhere. Born out of necessity, LED bottle sparklers are safe to use indoors and are 100% legal in any situation. They were designed for areas like Miami and New York City where open flames are not permitted in bars and nightclubs. However, they offer a lot of extra perks which I’ll cover below.

First off, they are completely reusable; and that can save you money because these sparklers never expire! Instead of having to throw them away after each use, you can use them over and over. As an added bonus, that also means you don’t need to allocate as much storage space for them. Additionally, they are compatible with all the same holder clips that are sold with the traditional versions. With so many benefits and cost-savings, it’s no wonder they are getting so popular.

Unique Sparklers in Number, Star, and Heart Shapes

Most people are only familiar with the classic “stick” type design, but there are so many other unique sparklers out there! Over the last few years, manufacturers have created all sorts of unique shapes that can make certain types of events more entertaining.  Here’s a rundown of the most common shapes that are available.

  • Numbers: Numbers are great for writing out dates like the age of the birthday person, number of years for an anniversary, or even a full date for occasions like weddings.
  • Stars: Stars are a fun way to shake things up. They work particularly well at children’s birthday parties. Some people even place them on the cake with the candles, but use caution; it can easily discolor your cake frosting!
  • Hearts: The most romantic and iconic option are heart shaped sparklers. They are most commonly used as wedding favors, but they can also be used at anniversaries and sweet sixteen parties. Anytime you want romantic or unique sparklers, choosing hearts is a great option.

No matter which shape you select, they are much more interesting and unique than the stick style. Best of all, they can add another dynamic to your special occasion!

Image of 18 Inch Neon Colored Sparklers for Weddings imageVibrant Colors

Color sparklers are nothing new, but the way they perform has never been more spectacular! The color pigments that they use in products today are much brighter and much more vibrant. Additionally, they can create different hues that they never have been able to before; even neon colors! Gone are the days of regular red, green, and blue sparklers that barely perform in the color tints they suggest. This new breed of color pigments is sure to “wow” your guests and leave a lasting impression.

Going Electric: The Most Unique Sparklers that you Never Knew Existed

Electric sparklers are a relatively new concept, but they come in a variety of different flavors. The most widely known version is simply a remote ignition system. This version uses traditional sparklers, but ignites them all simultaneously via a remote switch. Though this is pretty cool, there is a newer version you don’t know about that is even cooler; literally.

The latest innovation is an electric sparkler that produces sparks that are cold to the touch. This marvel of science is sweeping the nation, and many experts agree that this is the future of pyrotechnics in general. However, the downside is that they also come with an incredibly high price tag; prohibitively high for the average consumer. However, many professionals are jumping on the bandwagon, and that means you can expect prices to come down in the relatively near future.

Hopefully, this overview of unique sparklers that you never knew existed has opened your eyes to the possibilities. Whether you want a fun shape, vibrant colors, or something that is specifically designed for your intended purpose, there is likely a great option out there for you. Gone are the days where the best we can do is really long wedding sparklers. As new innovations hit the market, I will be adding to this post; so make sure to check back again in the future!