Well, another year has passed; and it was certainly filled with excitement! In the United States, the general consensus is that the COVID-19 Pandemic is essentially over and the vast majority of Americans have returned to their normal lives. Additionally, that meant a lot more weddings while the world continues to play “catch-up”. So, there is no shortage of great sparkler stories for 2022 that will pique your interest and captivate your mind!

Sadly, there were so many great options out there that narrowing it down to only five was a major undertaking. Nevertheless, I spent some time digging through them all to find the top 5 sparkler stories of 2022 from news sources, online blogs, and right here on our site. I try to cover every angle from wedding sparklers to crazy situations in nightclubs, so there should be something for everyone here. Without further ado, here is my top 5 list for the year 2022.

Christmas Tree Set Ablaze at Mayfair Restaurant

Image of a Sparkler by a Christmas TreeIt seems like every year, there’s some sort of incident inside a bar or restaurant involving sparklers. Sadly, one of the biggest sparkler stories of 2022 was no exception. The famous Mayfield restaurant in London, England erupted in flames after a Christmas tree caught fire. The source of the blaze was due to a sparkler being used as a cocktail garnish. It ignited the extremely dry tree needles on the tree.

Fortunately, there are no serious injuries and the over 300 guests were able to make it outside safely. However, this story from Daily Mail illustrates the dangers of using them indoors without the proper safety procedures being followed. Though sparklers can certainly be used indoors without issues, an open flame near a dry Christmas tree is not part of those guidelines.

Patriot Day Sparklers

Patriot Day has a different meaning for nearly everyone in the United States. While some find it to be solemn and mourn the tragedy of 9/11, others are invigorated by feelings of national pride. In recent years, some people have taken to using sparklers for Patriot Day as a way to show support for our flag, our troops, and the fallen victims of that horrific day. While a sparkler can certainly be considered a symbol of patriotism, it’s important to be respectful of those we lost and their families. Before you go out waving your sparklers around and chanting “USA”, make sure you are in an appropriate setting and that it isn’t disrespectful to those around you.

Choosing the Safest Sparklers for Weddings

Image of a Child Safely Using a 36 Inch SparklerAs most of us are aware, 2022 was host to a plethora of weddings that have been postponed since the 2020 pandemic ensued. Many people were able to do it in 2021, but there were far too many people getting married for it to not bleed over into the following year. As such, there was a massive influx of people asking about choosing the safest wedding sparklers for their event. With such a huge demand for this information, I had no choice but to include it as one of the top sparkler stories of 2022.

Teen in Minnesota Dead After Mishandling an Illegal Firework

By far the most tragic story of the year is one that is both heartbreaking and could have been avoided. Sadly, a teen in Minnesota died after an illegal firework went off in their hand. I’ll be clear; this was not due to a sparkler. Rather, it was much larger pyrotechnic that was purchased from outside the state. However, it illustrates that using any type of firework in your hand carries substantial risk. And this risk should not be taken lightly. It’s an all-too-real reminder that some types of fireworks should be left to the professionals. If you want to read the entire story, click here to see on the CBS News website.

Sparklers Making a Big Impact at Super Bowl Parties

In our final sparkler story of 2022, it’s all about the new wave sweeping football fans from coast to coast. Almost everyone watches the Super Bowl at some sort of party these days. And, sparklers have started turning up as part of the fun! From decorating cocktails to garnishing appetizers and desserts, people are finding all sorts of ways to use sparklers at a Super Bowl party. I find it to be a testament to the versatility of our products. No matter if you like football or not, almost everyone enjoys the warm glow of sparklers.

How Do These Top 5 Sparkler Stories of 2022 Affect My Life?

Usually, people looking for these types of articles are just interested in passing the time. However, when it comes to the top 5 sparkler stories of 2022, they can actually have a meaningful impact on your life. Perhaps you are planning a wedding and want more information on sparklers. Similarly, you may be researching options for your 4th of July party. Or, maybe you are just looking for a fresh reminder on the importance of sparkler safety.

It doesn’t matter how you found yourself here. Just remember to take this information to heart before you decide to use fireworks of any type. However, if you read between the lines, you’ll find that they are a valuable commodity in almost any situation. Thank you for reading and have a happy 2023!