Each year, I like to take a moment after the dust settles to recognize industry news that stands out big. In order to be included in the top 5 sparkler stories of 2021, it needed to be important. Whether it’s about supply chain issues or brand new products, certain tidbits bare repeating. Without further ado, here are my favorite headlines from the past year.

Sparkler Supply Shortage

Image of Empty Shelves from Extreme Retail DemandAfter the COVID-19 pandemic tore through the country, many retailers experienced large supply chain disruptions. Unfortunately, the sparkler industry took a major hit as well with virtually everyone struggling to keep products on hand. Luckily, our company was able to mitigate the huge shortage of sparklers by ordering ahead of time. We have the largest supply in the country, and it kept many weddings sparking through the roughest patch. Now that the problems are behind us, there shouldn’t be any further issues.

NYE Party Gone Horribly Wrong

Sadly, there are always one or two events “gone wrong” each year that need to be highlighted, too. Obviously, we never like to talk about accidents or negative outcomes. However, we also have a duty to show the dangers that careless decision making can produce. In a UK bar on New Year’s Eve, there was a very scary moment that could have become an extreme tragedy. Careless patrons ignited decorations with their sparklers inside the pub and the inferno escalated quickly. Fortunately, nobody was injured and everyone made it out safely. However, it definitely illustrates the importance of safety when using our products; especially indoors.

Sparklers Making Waves as Maternity Photo Props

For those that like happier sparkler stories, there is a new trend emerging that you’ll adore. Many expecting mothers opt to have a special photo shoot to commemorate the milestone. There are a lot of traditional scenes people depict like milk baths and sitting on the beach. However, many mothers are using sparklers in their maternity photos for a more dramatic effect. Though it isn’t a trend that’s for everybody, it can be a cool twist for the right couple.

Is Halloween the New 4th of July?

Each year, there is one specific holiday that emerges as the newest time to create and tell sparkler stories. For 2021, that holiday happened to be Halloween. Most people embraced using our products to illuminate their jack-o-lanterns; with LED versions being the top seller. However, many people also used traditional “stick” versions to celebrate in a variety of other ways, too. Luckily, there are plenty of sources to purchase Halloween sparklers online, so I expect this trend to continue into the 2022 holidays as well.

LED Sparklers Continuing to Grow in Popularity as Cake Decorations

We’ve talked a lot over the year about the new cutting-edge technology that is being mashed into our product line. A decade ago, sparklers were very simple devices that were limited in their scope, availability, and usability. Since then, they have become available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to give consumers more options. When it comes to decorating a birthday or wedding cake, a special design is the most sought-after.

Fortunately, we recently released a new product that utilizes LEDs instead of flammable compounds to create the show. The advantages are clear for using LED sparklers on a cake instead of traditional ones. They have been growing in popularity since their release, but there’s more room to expand yet. I expect some more exciting news to emerge in 2022 about our LED line of products.

Should I Care About These Sparklers Stories and Headlines?

Most people browse the internet for entertaining stories to help pass the time. However, sometimes the information can be helpful when you’re planning an event such as a wedding. From brand new products to cautionary tales, anyone who plans on using sparklers at their party, event, or wedding should stay in the loop. I’ve done my best to handpick the most informative and important topics of the last year. However, I urge you to check out the other sparkler stories on the web to expand your mind even further. Good luck and I’m looking forward to more great editorials for 2022!