Top 5 Gifts for Your Groomsmen imageWhen you’re planning your wedding, you are probably thinking about what type of gifts to give to your groomsmen. Since they are going to have your back at the wedding and be there to support you every step of the way, the least you can do is give them some sort of trinket as a sign of your appreciation. There are many classic items that you can give your groomsmen that range in prices, but you want to make sure you give them something thoughtful. There are even websites to help you figure things out!

You could always go with something very traditional, but choosing something a little more unique can actually make their day more special too. Below I will cover the top 5 gifts for groomsmen that I’ve seen in my years of attending weddings. There are several other great options out there too, but these are some great ones that should get you on the right track.

Customized Phone Cases as Gifts for your Groomsmen

Buying customized cases for your groomsmen cell phones will added a very special touch to the event for everyone. It can also be an enjoyable part of the wedding planning process. While they probably won’t leave the case on forever, they can usually get several months to a year of enjoyment. Also, a fun cellphone case that will also protect their investment. Things like “best man” or the word “wing-man” with wing crossed out and “best” written over it are popular choices. You may need to find out what phone each guy has to pull this off, but it will be well worth it.

Nice Leather Belt

Giving your guys a fine leather belt made from ostrich, alligator, or another high quality leather is a very thoughtful gift that they will love. Accessories are always a great gift because they can really bring an outfit together but are usually too expensive to purchase for yourself. Also, since they will be dressing nice for the wedding, it will give them that perfect look on the special day.

USB Chargers

Everyone has a USB charger for their phone or MP3 player, but not all of them have battery storage of their own. Consider giving the gang a plugin USB charger that also charges itself for emergency power. That way instead of needing to find an outlet, you can just plug it into the charger and transfer the power from its onboard battery to your device.

Video Game System

Though it may be a little out of most people’s price range, giving the guys a video game system will ensure that they love you forever. Choosing a package like the Xbox or PlayStation will give them hours of enjoyment that they’ll never forget. Plus, you can use this as an opportunity to pick one up for yourself and save face in front of your fiancé.

Backgammon Set

Though it used to be very popular, the game of backgammon has all but been lost to time. This actually makes it the perfect choice for gifts for your groomsmen because you can all learn it together and make part of your “secret” pact. Give each guy their own backgammon set, plan a few gaming sessions so you can all learn, and it will become a new tradition among your group of friends. Having a game that you can all share together will be a lasting reminder of your memorable wedding day experiences.