If you follow the celebrity wedding planner scene, Kevin Lee is one of the foremost names in the game. He has designed star-studded events for famous couples such as Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, as well as hundreds of other couples that have the money to pay for his lavish services but prefer to remain anonymous. Based in Los Angeles, Kevin Lee certainly ranks in the top 3 celebrity wedding planners among the Hollywood elite. Fortunately, he has shared tons of great information on how approaches the planning process! Here are some key takeaways if you want your celebration to be fit for the stars.

How to Add More Excitement

According to Lee, there are several ways to add more fun and excitement to your wedding; all while keeping it extremely elegant. Additionally, it can also save you some money in the process. One of the things he emphasizes most is renting a wedding gown rather than buying one to keep. The reason, according to Kevin Lee, is because the average price of buying a high-end wedding dress. Usually, you can rent one from a high quality and well-known designer which will really make the bride stand out. Obviously, you’ll need to return the dress after your ceremony rather than keeping it for your own memories. However, the attention and awe you will receive will make the sacrifice well worth the trade-off.

His Opinion on Dinner Service

Furthermore, he urges couples to consider using buffet stations rather than serving dinner by the plate. This can greatly reduce the cost per person because you don’t need as many attendants and service staff at the reception. Additionally, it also allows your guests to select the food that they find most desirable. This is of particular value in areas such as Hollywood. With such a wide range of diets and lifestyle choices, planning dinners for each guest can be a nightmare.

How a Celebrity Wedding Planner Does Invitations

Image of Invitations Created by a Celebrity Wedding PlannerOnline invitations are also Kevin Lee’s preferred way to inform guests of the wedding date versus traditional paper wedding invitations. This not only saves you money, since you don’t need to buy invitations, envelopes, and stamps; but it also saves you a multitude of time because you aren’t bound to your kitchen table filling out a bunch of handwritten RSVP cards. Lee maintains that the vast majority of people in America already use email, Facebook, or other social media programs, so relying on paper invitations is quickly becoming a thing of the past and can actually be frowned upon by any of your guests who are part of the “green” movement.

Focus on the Details Regardless of Budget

The final piece of advice that Kevin Lee has to offer is to focus on several little elements of the ceremony and reception. It’s important to do this rather than spending a small fortune on one large and lavish component. Things like live musicians and artistic performers are very expensive and rather short-lived, so opting for a wide variety of party favors such as bubbles and wedding sparklers in combination with a good DJ can really provide more entertainment then something expensive lack-luster. In the end, a great wedding that is fit for a celebrity will be full of glamour, awe, and a bounty of stimulation. The goal is to keep each of your guests engaged in the celebration from the start of the ceremony until the last glass of champagne has been finished.

What is the Secret of Being a Celebrity Wedding Planner?

In the end, being a celebrity wedding planner isn’t much different from any other target demographic. The celebration typically happens in the exact same way; they just happen to have a larger wedding budget to use for their purchases. Overall, the best use of your money is to avoid hiring expensive service staff and focus on the little details. When the dust clears, people remember the special touches much more than what they ate for dinner. Good luck and I hope you have a wedding that is fit for a king!