Spring is one of the most popular times to host a wedding, and for good reason. First off, the weather has typically turned into perfect 60 degree temperatures and the flowers are just starting to blossom. However, if you’re planning on performing a sparkler exit in the spring, there are several factors you need to consider ahead of time. Sadly, the weather can still be quite unpredictable. So, you’ll need to plan for a variety of situations just in case it’s still cold or rainy. Fortunately, I’ve put together some key tips to help you form the perfect plan. Here is what you need to know.

Performing Your Spring Sparkler Exit Outdoors

With the fresh air and blooming flowers, many couples choose to have their spring wedding outdoors. However, since there is typically a reasonable chance of cold or rainy weather, most people have an alternate location planned inside the reception hall. Nevertheless, performing a sparkler exit in the spring outdoors is always the preferred choice. Here are some tips about choosing the best location and the right type of sparklers for the job.

Outdoor Send-Off Location

Ideally, you want the send-off location you choose to have overhead protection from the elements. However, sparklers require plenty of free space to be used safely. Here are the three best options for performing your send-off outdoors in the face of potentially poor weather. As always, I suggest having an alternate location picked out indoors just in case.

Below the Trees

Image of Gril Using Sparklers Under the TreesTypically, an outdoor wedding venue will offer an area that is protected from trees. That can be useful to shelter from sun or rain, but it also presents a challenge when using sparklers for your wedding exit. First, you want at least ten feet of space above your heads to be safe. Seconds, you should avoid using long sparklers like the 36 inch version so there is plenty of distance between them and the branches. As long as you are keeping everything at a safe range, you can certainly perform your send-off under the trees.

Under a Pavilion

Pavilions offer some of the best protection from rain and sunlight in outdoor conditions. However, being inside a structure can make performing a sparkler exit in the spring a dangerous concept. However, there is a way it can be done very safely. First, you need to choose a version of our products that is very short. Second, the pavilion itself must have a vault ceiling; meaning it doesn’t have obstructions until the very peak. Lastly, the number of people involved needs to be very limited. If you are hosting less than 50 guests and all other requirements are met, a pavilion can be a great choice of location.

In an Unprotected Open Area or Parking Lot

If you want the safest and easiest option, a wide open area or empty parking lot is the best choice. First off, there are no obstacles to contend with in any way. Second, it allows choosing any shape or size of sparkler you want; including color sparklers that create a bit of smoke! However, it also comes with the largest amount of risk. Choosing a spot that has no overhead protection can ruin the fun on a rainy day. So, if you choose this type of location, it’s imperative that you have a backup plan. Otherwise, you may need to find other uses in the future for the items that you purchased.

In a Party Tent

Tents are the pinnacle of ideal ceremony locations in the spring for an outdoor wedding. You can leave the walls off to have protection overhead yet enjoy the scenery and fresh air. Additionally, you can put the walls up quickly if weather changes dramatically. However, you should never attempt to perform a sparkler exit inside of a party tent! It’s simply too tight and too low to be safe for your guests. I suggest doing them outside or choosing one of the alternatives I discuss later in this post.

Choosing Sparklers for an Outdoor Sparkler Exit in the Spring

After you’ve selected your location, you need to choose the sparklers that will work the best. These choices will include which size and which color is ideal. To simplify, I’ve broken it down into the three likely locations you would choose and what works best. Here are the details.

Best for Under Trees

When performing a sparkler exit in the spring under trees, the biggest limitation while be how much overhead space you have. At a minimum, you need ten feet from the top of your head to the lowest hanging branches. Typically, I suggest the 20 inch length for this type of location to be extra safe. However, if you have twelve feet or more until you reach the branches, you can use versions up to 36 inches long safely.

Best for Under a Pavilion

When using them under a pavilion, you should never use anything longer than our 20 inch wedding sparklers. You can choose shorter versions, but you should not go any longer. Even if the center of the structure is very tall, the areas around the edges are still at risk. Use a medium sized item and try to stick to the middle for the best results.

Best for an Unprotected Open Area or Parking Lot

When you choose a wide open area, you have the most flexibility on your other decisions. Without any obstructions, you can use any shape, size, or color that you want without any worries. However, I urge you to choose based on your contingency location. For instance, if it’s a pavilion, choose the 20 inch length. If it’s under some tress, follow the height guidelines for that location. By balancing the freedom of your top choice with the realities of your backup location, you can rest assured that performing a sparkler exit in the spring will go smoothly.

Performing a Sparkler Exit in the Spring Indoors

No matter what time of year, doing your send-off indoors is the best protection from bad weather. However, it can limit your options in regard to location and which version of sparklers are the best choices. Additionally, if you are planning to do it outdoors, an indoor space should be considered as at least a backup. To ensure you plan accordingly, I’ve put together some tips and information. Here’s what you need to know.

Choosing an Indoor Location for Your Spring Send-Off

Finding the right location for your indoor send-off is really just a matter of fitting the criteria. First, you need to make sure the area is wide enough and tall enough to safely use sparklers. Additionally, it needs to be long enough so you can accommodate all your guests and still have an aisle for your exit. Ideally, you should choose the dance floor or main reception area. However, a long hallway leading outside can work if it meets the other criteria. Remember, it’s only safe to have a lot of lit sparklers indoors if there is more than enough room available. When in doubt, move it outdoors.

Which Sparklers are Best for an Indoor Sparkler Exit in the Spring?

No matter how large the area is, you should never exceed using 20 inch sparklers for an indoor wedding exit. Choosing a longer version creates too much unnecessary risk even in the most spacious and luxurious of venues. Conversely, you can always choose a shorter version if you have a limited number of people or more confined spaces.

However, the most important rule to adhere to is that your sparklers must be smokeless! Regular versions create far too much smoke to be used indoors. Sadly, some couples are tempted to try this because they have a lot of windows and ventilation at their venue. However, even well-ventilated locations will fill up with smoke quickly from versions that aren’t low smoke. Make sure you are choosing a quality brand that is smokeless to avoid any issues when performing a spring sparkler exit indoors.

Best Way to Light Sparklers During the Spring

Image of People Lighting Multiple Sparklers at Once at a WeddingWhether you’re event will be held indoors or outdoors, the easiest way to light them is always the same. There are several devices that will do the job, but using a torch is the fastest and easiest. The key benefit with torches is that you can light several of them at a time very quickly. Additionally, these devices are meant to stay lit for a sustained period of time. The most efficient version is a handheld torch lighter specifically for sparklers that is fueled by butane. They are cheap, reusable, and do the job very efficiently.

If a torch isn’t practical or unavailable, traditional butane lighters are the runner-up. I prefer a barbecue grill lighter the most, but any handheld butane lighter can do it. Also, windproof lighters or even other sparklers can be used in a pinch, but they are much less effective. Lastly, I would avoid using matches because they are very difficult to implement on a large scale. Overall, I suggest getting your hands on a quality torch to do the job right.

Alternatives to Sparklers When Performing a Send-Off in the Spring

Of course, there are always situations where finding an alternative is necessary. Whether you‘re planning your backup or your location can’t handle performing a sparkler exit in the spring, going a different direction is sometimes the best course of action. Here are a few alternatives to help you plan for every contingency.

LED Versions

Luckily, there are LED versions of our products that are intended to be a stand-in for the real thing. Known as LED wedding sparklers, they emit patterns of light rather than sparks during the performance. This can be a great alternative if you are having your ceremony in a party tent. Similarly, it can really help out if you need to resort to your backup plan. Lastly, LED sparklers offer many benefits including that they are reusable and 100% safe. With everything stacked in their favor, they are by far the best alternative you can choose.

Confetti or a Balloon Release

Confetti and balloons have long been used for send-offs, as well as rice or birdseed. These can be very cost-effective alternatives to using sparklers for your wedding exit. However, confetti, birdseed, and rice create a huge mess which can be problematic indoors. Additionally, balloons are pretty anti-climactic if released inside a venue. So, these methods should only be considered for outdoor events or as an emergency backup plan.

Small Display on your Wedding Cake

Image of Sparklers on a Wedding Cake in SpringLastly, you can always take the approach of finding an alternative to the exit itself. The best way to achieve this is to have a sparkler display on top of your wedding cake. The best part of choosing this alternative is that you can do it anywhere; even if you’re in a party tent. However, it’s important to choose sparklers that are specifically for this purpose and not traditional versions. Luckily, these are readily available on our website. Additionally, they are smokeless so they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Though you won’t get the send-off experience, it’s a great alternative that can be used in any situation.

Spring-Specific Safety Tips for Using Wedding Sparklers

Regardless of when or where you plan to use our products, it is vital that you follow all sparkler safety rules and guidelines correctly. Obviously, this includes common sense things like holding them away from your body and other people. However, it also means having the proper safety and emergency equipment on hand.

In regards to being spring time, you have a few bonuses if you are using them outdoors. Typically, it is a wet season, so everything should be damp. That cuts down on risk immensely, but you shouldn’t take it for granted. Always treat using our products outdoors the same as you would indoors. By making good decisions, you can ensure a very safe and enjoyable experience.

Is Performing a Sparkler Exit in the Spring a Good Idea?

Overall, this decision is something you must make with your partner. First you need to decide whether you want to orchestrate a send-off or not. Then, you can determine is sparklers are the right fit as your accessory.

It’s a wonderful time for performing a sparkler exit in the spring, and that’s why it’s a popular choice. If you want to have a grand exit either way, then our products can take it to the next level. Be sure to check out our sparkler exit inspiration gallery before you start making your plans. Whatever you decide, remember to enjoy yourself and have a wonderful wedding. Congratulations!