Fall is one of the most popular seasons to host a wedding throughout the United States. Not only is the weather typically lovely, but the autumn colors are spectacular, too. Most couples decide to have their event outdoors during this season, so performing a sparkler exit in the fall is very common. The bright sparks look amazing over the autumn backdrop, so it’s an easy choice for most people.

Regardless of the season, wedding exits are a very popular choice at most couple’s events. Many brides are looking for cost-effective ways to fill up reception time, and it’s a great way to have one-on-one time with each guests. Typically, a send-off will take at least a half hour to complete, so it’s a great time filler. All you need is some inexpensive wedding sparklers and a plan to pull the whole thing off. However, performing a sparkler exit in the fall requires a little special attention due to the season. Here is everything you need to know so you can put it together properly.

Choosing the Ideal Location for the Send-Off

Image of the Ideal Outdoor Location for a Sparkler Sendoff in the FallOne of the most important aspects of a great wedding exit is choosing the right location for it to happen. The area you select will dictate much of how the activity will unfold, so it’s important to put some consideration into it. This should always be your first step, and you should consult your venue for guidance. In the end, you’re deciding between an outdoor or indoor send-off line, and then choosing a spot that’s appropriate. Here are some tips to help you make a great choice.

Best Outdoor Location Options

Choosing to have your fall sparkler exit outdoors is the most popular option among brides-to-be. With so many beautiful colors and amazing weather, it’s only natural for this to be a top pick. However, there are certain factors to consider carefully before choosing to do it outdoors. First, falling leaves can be a challenge during your send-off. Dry leaves can easily catch fire due to the high temperatures created by sparklers, so make sure this won’t be an issue. Additionally, late autumn events may find the trees already bare; and that isn’t great for pictures. Lastly, fall weather can be unpredictable, so always have a backup plan. It could be an outdoor structure or a place inside, but you need to have a contingency just in case.

Best Indoor Location Options

Opting to have your fall send-off indoors is a wise choice if you live in a colder region of the country. For instance, if you live in the upper Midwest, cold weather and snow can potentially move in early. For couples who don’t want to risk it, choosing an indoor location is always the safest bet. Make sure you have an open area inside your venue that is suitable for this type of activity. It should be very wide and have high ceilings to prevent any unwanted situations. Additionally, you’ll want an entrance and exit at both sides for the couple to utilize. Lastly, you need to make sure you’ve purchased smokeless wedding sparklers for your event so you don’t smoke everyone out. Most products are only intended for outdoor use, so make sure to read the packaging carefully.

Does Your Venue Allow Sparklers?

Obviously, you need to clear everything ahead of time with your reception venue. Most venues are very accommodating to performing a sparkler exit in the fall, but sometimes they have certain restrictions. First off, they may require that you pay an additional deposit for liability purposes. Additionally, they may have a designated area allocated already for these activities; and they may even require that they happen outdoors. Lastly, they may require you to consult with their onsite planner to help you plan your sparkler send-off so it goes smoothly. Remember, it’s entirely up to your venue if they will allow this or not; and some venues ban the activity all together. Breaking the rules at your venue is the fastest way to ruin your wedding in a hurry!

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Sparklers for Autumn

Image of Sparklers Being Used During a Wedding ExitAfter choosing where you want to perform your exit, the next step is deciding on the correct sparklers for your needs. Here are a few important things to consider before you settle on the items you want and make a purchase.

Is Your Location Indoors or Outdoors?

The decision you made for an indoor or outdoor activity can have a major impact on the type of sparklers that you should use. Mainly, it will determine whether or not you can use products that create smoke. If you are planning for an outdoor event, you can pick form pretty much any version on the market. However, if it’s going to be inside, you need to choose a version that performs in the color gold. Gold versions won’t create any smoke, and that makes them ideal for confined spaces. Conversely, when you’re outside, smoke isn’t a problem so you have your pick of the litter.

Choosing the Ideal Sparkler Size and Color

Since you need to get people into position and light everyone’s sparkler, duration is the primary concern when performing a send-off. Usually, I steer people towards 36 inch long sparklers for weddings because they provide ample time for all of these things. Additionally, their smokeless design makes them versatile for both indoor and outdoor scenarios. If you have a smaller event, you can get away with using a shorter product. However, it’s always better to go bigger and avoid them finishing too soon.

Determining How Many You Need to Purchase

Once you’ve settled on a version that you like, you need to order enough for everyone at your celebration. If you chose the 36 inch version, you just need to buy one for each guest that will be participating. However, for shorter versions, you may need to have two or more per guest to ensure you have plenty of sparkler time. That’s why it’s so important to know the differences between the various sizes of sparklers and choose what meets your needs the best. By picking the right product, you can focus your attention on enjoying your send-off instead of fiddling with lighters and torches.

Advance Preparation for Performing a Sparkler Exit in the Fall

Having a game plan ahead of time is the best way to ensure a smooth experience for everyone involved. Planning out each detail from how you’re going to hand them out to what happens at the end will give you a roadmap for success. Here are some important tips to help you have your ducks in a row for a stress-free performance.

Handing Out the Sparklers

Getting a sparkler into each guests’ hand is one of the most important things to plan ahead of time. Some couples delegate a helper to physically distribute them by hand, moving around the venue from person to person. However, it’s much easier to place a bucket full of sparklers in a centralized location so the attendees can grab one themselves. Lastly, you can place them at each table setting ahead of time to eliminate all the fuss and confusion completely. Whatever you choose, make sure you have a plan before heading to your reception hall.

Coordinating and Arranging the Participants

Image of People Organizing Guests for a Fall Sparkler ExitAfter you’ve handed them out to your guests, they’ll need to know where to go and what to do with them. Similar to how you have a seating chart for your wedding, you should have a coordination chart visible before performing a sparkler exit in the fall. This will let everyone know what to expect and eliminate any confusion during setup. Optionally, you can make an announcement over the DJ’s speaker system if you’d rather not create a chart. Either way, make sure everyone has all the information upfront so things go smoothly.

Getting Your Wedding Sparkler Lit Quickly

Having a great plan in place is only useful if you can execute it quickly. With potential weather complications on top of managing a large group of people, this can be tricky in the fall. Fortunately, there are special torches just for lighting sparklers that will make the job fast and easy. They ignite the tips instantly, and will work in all weather conditions. Sure, you could use a regular lighter to do the job; but I urge you to choose the most reliable option to avoid and problems during the process.

Capturing the Performance in Photographs

Once the sparkler exit has begun, the bride and groom can start making their way through the sparkling “tunnel”. However, it’s important to have your photographer in place so you can capture it all on film! To start, the photographer should walk alongside the couple to capture some great action shots. As they get closer to the end, they should position themselves at the end of the send-off line. That way, they can also get some photos looking down the aisle. Remember, you only get one chance at this; so make sure you and the photographer are on the same page ahead of time for the best results.

Disposing of the Garbage Safely and Efficiently

Once the dust has settled and the experience is over, you still need to get rid of the metal sticks properly. First off, most venues don’t appreciate a bunch of garbage haphazardly tossed on the ground. Furthermore, there are actually safety risks because the remaining powder can occasionally reignite. Luckily, properly disposing of your used sparklers is an easy task with some advance preparation. I always suggest having a bucket of water in a centralized location so people can just toss them in. Optionally, you can do the same thing with a bucket of sand. After about five minutes, you can just toss them in a regular trash can for disposal.

Safety Tips for Fall Sparkler Exit

When you invite guests to your wedding, you are ultimately responsible for their safety. Before you start lighting things up, you need to know some safety pointers. Additionally, the fall season creates its own unique variables that should be considered carefully. Here’s what you need to know.

  • The weather in autumn can be very unpredictable. Some years it will be very dry, and other years it will be quite damp. Dry conditions can increase the risk of fire while wet conditions can make the process more time-consuming. Rain or snow can also create slippery conditions, so consider that as well. Always plan for both scenarios to help keep your guests safe.
  • Wind gusts can be powerful in the fall months. If the wind is too strong, it can have some very serious implications. Make sure you have a location that is protected from the wind to alleviate any concerns.
  • In some areas of the country, autumn is prime time for severe weather. Coastal states may experience hurricanes or tropical storms that are incredibly dangerous. Other areas of the country may endure thunderstorms, tornadoes, or even blizzard conditions. Make sure you have a backup location in case of bad weather. In the end, that’s the only way you can guarantee everyone’s safety.

Those are the main season-specific safety concerns to consider before performing a fall sparkler exit. However, there are also standard sparkler safety rules that also need to be followed. By practicing both measures completely, you can have a safe and fun send-off experience.

Sparkler Alternatives for a Fall Wedding Exit

Image of Guests Tossing Flower Petals During a Wedding ExitWhether they’re banned by your venue or you are just risk-adverse, there are some elegant alternatives available if you don’t want to use sparklers. Fortunately, send-off lines have been conducted for decades. So, there is no shortage of great ideas available from which to choose. Here are some of the most popular accessories that people use instead of our products.

  • Release doves
  • Toss confetti
  • Throw birdseed or rice
  • Wave glow sticks
  • Toss flower petals
  • Use LED wedding sparklers instead
  • Toss plant or flower seeds
  • Spray silly string or shaving cream
  • Craft ribbon wands
  • Blow bubbles at the couple

The list could really go on and on, but these are the most popular alternatives people choose. Historically, rice and birdseed have been the top choices for couples. However, in recent years, biodegradable confetti and bubbles have taken the reigns. For eco-conscious people, flower seeds are the most popular choice. Whatever you pick, make sure it fits your theme and your personality. As long as you do that, you can never go wrong.

Is Performing a Fall Sparkler Exit Right for Your Event?

Whether your event is in fall or any other season, putting together a great sparkler send-off is always a great choice. When you compare our products to other potential accessories, they are obviously the best value. However, you need to take everything into account ahead of time to determine if it’s a good fit for your celebration. While autumn is one of the best seasons to say your vows, it does present a few challenges that need to be overcome. Hopefully, with the help of my detailed guide, you now have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Best wishes and I hope you have a wonderful sparkler exit on your big and special day!