The Invention of Sparklers imageWhile it is heavily debated who invented the first sparkler, many historians credit the invention of sparklers to a man named Callinicos of Heliopolis. While it is difficult to know if he invented it for sure, he is the oldest know human to have created a handheld firework. And since handheld fireworks were at a minimum the precursor to sparklers as we know them today, that man deserves all the credit he can get.

The Invention of Sparklers

According to the BBC’s e-cyclopedia, Callinicos of Heliopolis, an architect who lived in AD 670, created the first hand-held fireworks, called a cheirosiphon. This then led to the creation of today’s wide variety of sparklers. Proving that even 1300 years ago people were looking for ways to celebrate with sparklers. We should all be thanking Callinicos of Heliopolis.

The Invention of Wedding Sparklers

Beyond just the invention of sparklers in general, many people wonder who is responsible for the concept of wedding sparklers specifically. While we won’t claim to have thought up using sparklers for weddings in the first place, we were instrumental in growing their popularity and widespread use. Since 2012, no other wedding sparkler company has helped more brides and grooms add the joy of sparklers to their wedding in the United States. Additionally, we have aided in the invention of sparklers that previously didn’t exist, pushing the boundaries of what is possible to make your wedding even more spectacular.

While the invention of sparklers must be credited to Callinicos of Heliopolis, we like to think that Wedding Day Sparklers has brought things to a whole new level. with over a dozen different types of wedding sparklers available in our catalog, it just goes to show that progress has never stopped and there are more new ideas on the horizon. We will continue to build off the invention of sparklers to make weddings more exciting each and every year, and hopefully that excites you the way it does us. Until our next new creation is unveiled, we hope that our huge selection of premium wedding sparklers will be more than sufficient to get you by.