The History of Sparklers

The History of Sparklers iamgeAccording to the history of sparklers, it is said that the Chinese discovered and began manufacturing fireworks sometime near the sixth century AD. As fireworks became more complex and widely crafted, the quickly became a standard part of nearly every celebration in Asia.

Today, we still use sparklers to celebrate and commemorate many of the holidays we observe. Obviously the 4th of July comes to mind, but also New Year’s, Diwali, and many other holidays. Wedding sparklers have also become very popular, adding a special touch and an interactive feel to the event.

The Real History of Sparklers

Though it is impossible to know for sure who created the first handheld sparkler and where exactly it was created, it is widely accepted in the history of sparklers that an architect named Callinicos of Heliopolis, who lived in 670 AD, created a device called a “cheirosiphon“. While the “cheirosiphon” is the first handheld firework we know of, it is thought to have been closer to a small roman candle. However, this handheld firework ultimately led to the more traditional style of sparkler as popularity and availability became widespread.

But the history doesn’t end there. Every year, there are more and more varieties of sparklers that hit the market. There are new styles, shapes, colors, and more to constantly push the barriers of what we think is possible. There are sparklers for almost every occasion now, and there are several ways to use them that you never would dream of.

Overall, the concept of sparklers is actually quite new when you think about human history as a whole. That means there are whole chapters of the history of sparklers that have not yet been written! While it’s very important to learn from the past and understand where the roots of sparklers are planted, I personally feel that what has yet to come will be the greatest story of all!

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