According to the history of sparklers, the Chinese discovered and began manufacturing fireworks sometime near the sixth century AD. As fireworks became more complex and widely crafted, the quickly became a standard part of nearly every celebration in Asia.

Today, we still use sparklers to celebrate and commemorate many of the holidays we observe. Obviously the 4th of July comes to mind, but also New Year’s, Diwali, and many other holidays. Wedding sparklers have also become very popular; adding a special touch and an interactive feel to the event.

The Original History of Sparklers

Knowing for sure who created the first handheld sparkler is nearly impossible. However, it is widely accepted that the inventor was an architect named Callinicos of Heliopolis. He lived in 670 AD, and created a device called a “cheirosiphon“. In general, the “cheirosiphon” is the first and oldest handheld firework that we know of. However, it is thought to have been more similar to a small roman candle. Regardless, this handheld firework ultimately led to the more traditional style of sparkler as popularity and availability became widespread.

How the History of Sparklers is Being Shaped in Modern Times

Of course, the history of sparklers doesn’t end there. Every year, there are more and more varieties of sparklers that hit the market. There are new styles, shapes, colors, and more to constantly push the barriers of what we think is possible. There are sparklers for almost every occasion now, and there are several ways to use them that you never would dream of. Here is how they are being used in modern times.

4th of July

Since the 1920s, America has been obsessed with fireworks on the 4th of July. Almost every backyard in the country has a grill full of hot dogs and a vehicle full of fireworks on this holiday. Overall, sparklers are the most popular fireworks item in the country. Their contribution to Independence Day has made them into an iconic item that is adored by everyone.


Image of Sparklers Being Used at a WeddingThough it’s a slightly newer tradition, using sparklers for weddings has rapidly grown in popularity. In fact, weddings are now the second most popular time to use them behind the 4th of July. They often take the place of throwing birdseed or confetti during the wedding exit. Optionally, some couples use them as wedding favors or place them in their centerpieces. They are much more spectacular than confetti, and they don’t cost much more.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is another traditional time to break out the lighters and celebrate. At the stroke of midnight, people wear their funny hats and blow in their noisemakers. Additionally, it is common to have a champagne toast and light sparklers. Though weddings have become more popular for using sparklers, this tradition is much older.


Celebrating a birthday is usually much different than the way we celebrate other holidays or events.. However, they are still a huge celebration that can benefit from using sparklers. Instead of using a regular version, it is more popular to use cake sparklers at a birthday party. You can either replace the traditional birthday candles entirely, or these can be an add-on.

Nightclubs, Bars, and Restaurants

Lastly, there has been a huge movement in the hospitality industries to include sparklers. Most commonly, a restaurant will use them to decorate a fancy dessert. Additionally, many bars use bottle sparklers to make their VIP services more appealing. Additionally, business owners are just beginning to realize the many uses that these items have for making profits.

Overall, the concept of sparklers is actually quite new when you think about human history as a whole. Additionally, that means there will be many things to look forward to in the years to come! Look, it’s very important to learn from the past and understand where the roots of sparklers are planted. However, I personally feel that what has yet to come will be the greatest story of all!