Nothing sets the stage for a wonderful wedding quite like lavish bouquets of flowers. Whether it’s just simple bouquets for the bridal party or a whole church full of ornate arrangements, the right flowers can really brighten your special day. Unfortunately, the wrong flowers might not even survive the ceremony. in fact, they wouldn’t be fit to included in your wedding gift bags. Additionally, they could give you a rash, or could even send your guests to the hospital. Here are a few of the worst wedding flowers that, while beautiful, shouldn’t RSVP to your celebration.

The Worst Wedding Flowers

Though it’s not a complete list, we’ve narrowed down the 5 worst choices. Here’s what they are and why they should be avoided.

Tulips: Keep Them Planted

When you see them planted in a garden, you’d think tulips are a tempting choice for a wedding. They’re available in a dazzling array of bright colors atop graceful, light green stalks; it seems like they’d be perfect for a bridal bouquet. Unfortunately, tulips don’t live long out of the ground–certainly not long enough to survive the entire day of the wedding. Those graceful stalks will droop, the flowers will wilt, and the petals will fall. So it’s best to leave the tulips in the ground where they can thrive.

Hydrangeas: Must Stay Hydrated

Hydrangeas are fragile blooms that only last for about three hours out of water. This makes them one of the worst wedding flowers you can choose. They might work as table centerpieces for the reception, where they can stay in vases, but they’re a bad choice for boutonnieres and bouquets. By the time you get through the run up to the wedding and the ceremony itself, a hydrangea bouquet won’t survive until picture time.

Daffodils: The Daffodil Itch

Daffodils, with their creamy yellow blossoms, are a beautiful choice for centerpiece or altar arrangements. Just don’t put them in your bouquet. Handling of daffodils can lead to contact dermatitis, or skin irritation, known as “daffodil itch.” It can lead to a scaly rash on your hands which can spread if you wipe your eyes or face–definitely not a memory you’d want to capture for your wedding album!

Chrysanthemums: High Pollen Count

Chrysanthemums are adorable little puffballs, as easy to look at as they are hard to spell. But they, along with goldenrod, are the worst flowers for allergy sufferers due to the massive amounts of pollen they exude. You might risk them at an outdoor ceremony, but in an indoor setting the sound of sneezes might drown out your vows!

Calla Lily imageCalla Lily: Poisonous Beauty

Calla lilies are a beautiful offshoot of the lily family. The bloom is a delicate cup of pure white holding a bright yellow pistil. They’re actually a great pick for a wedding flower; provided you won’t have any children or animals at the ceremony. Pretty as they are, calla lilies are incredibly toxic, possibly fatal, if swallowed. If your little nieces and nephews or your aunt’s Pomeranian are on the guest list, calla lilies shouldn’t be.

Other Considerations

If you have guests that have allergy sensitivities, perhaps skipping real flowers is your best choice. Consider paper flowers or wooden roses to avoid allergies all together. You can also go for something that isn’t floral at all. Flowers aren’t an absolute necessity, so make the choice that is right for your guests. However, if you choose to buy them, make sure you’re up on your flower terminology.

With so many types and colors of flowers to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which ones are the best for the big day. Your florist can help you choose the flowers that will look beautiful all day long and won’t pose a danger to yourself or your guests. Just be sure to avoid the worst wedding flowers to make your day wonderful.