As trends change, so do our wedding traditions. While many of the sacred traditions we hold dear have stood the test of time, there are always new ideas and trends that revolutionize the wedding market.

Latest Facts and Details About Wedding Traditions

  • 91% have a honeymoon. There was a time where less than half could afford one, but things are better now. Treat yourself!
  • 35% have an engagement party. Engagement parties are a great way to get people excited about your celebration.
  • 22% have a wedding weekend. This is one of the most popular wedding traditions for destination weddings. However, an entire weekend can be too much for many couples; hence only 22%.
  • 15% have a destination wedding. Destination weddings are an excellent way to make your wedding stand out. You can even make special “thank you” gift bags for your destination wedding as an added touch!
  • 87% have a rehearsal dinner. This is one of the most important wedding traditions to follow. You simply must rehearse in order to have a great ceremony. Why not have a dinner, too?
  • 86% have an average of 2.3 bridal showers. Most people have multiple bridal shower parties for different groups of people. For instance, you obviously have one with your friends and family. Maybe you have a small one at work with your colleagues. Or maybe you have a cabin during the summer and have another group of friends away from home. Whatever the case, feel free to have several bridal showers.
  • 34% have a post-wedding brunch. Brunch is an optional part of a wedding celebration. Usually, it’s only done for morning weddings. If you have yours in the afternoon or later, skip it all together.
  • 24% have a post-reception party. This can be a lot of fun for younger couples who like to party late. However, your guests will get rowdier, too; so be careful what you wish for.
  • 5% have multiple ceremonies. This is one of the rarest wedding traditions we discovered. Whether you marry someone from another country or you just want to do it more than once, this is an option.
  • 100% should have wedding sparklers at their weddings. Shameless self-promotion? Yes, please.

I hope you enjoyed these fun facts on wedding traditions. It’s fascinating how things change over time, yet certain things always remain popular. Good luck to you on all of your wedding endeavors!