The demand for cheap honeymoon ideas is on the rise, and it really isn’t too difficult to understand why. If you are like most couples, you probably spent a good portion of your money on your wedding. Thus, you have less than ideal cash resources on hand for your honeymoon vacation. Fortunately, there are several cheap honeymoon ideas out there to help you keep everything within your budget. Also, many of them don’t require you to compromise or short yourself from an unforgettable and relaxing experience. Below, we have outlined five of the best ways to have a cheap honeymoon that will still fulfill everything you imagined.

Find a Good Travel Agent and Work with Them

Many people are under the impression that travel agents are a thing of the past. However, they are actually quite useful for planning vacations! They know when the best time to travel is and how to choose destinations that allow you to stretch your dollars. Furthermore, they have access to vacation bundles and deals that you can’t find on travel websites or other places you may look; which gives them an advantage when creating a perfect cheap honeymoon ideas. If you take the time to lay out what you want, don’t want, and your exact budget with a professional travel agent, you can usually get exactly what you’re after within your budget.

Avoid Peak Season

Avoiding the most popular travel seasons to save money is an age-old technique; and using it to plan a cheap honeymoon is no exception to the rule. Off-season rates for some of the most popular travel destinations in the world can be as little as one-third the price of venturing there during peak season. Whether you are willing to wait until off-season for the place of your dreams or you are willing to be flexible about your destination based on the time of year you want to travel, avoiding peak season is one of the easiest and most sure-fired ways to save a bundle on your getaway.

Try to Book Well in Advance

Image of a Hotel Room on a HoneymoonAnother great way to keep your trip inexpensive is to book everything out as far in advance as possible. First, hotels and airlines offer discounts for booking in advance. Additionally, it ensures that the less expensive options are available for you because they typically sell out early. Some find themselves in a situation where you didn’t book early enough and most of the good deals appear to have vanished. Then, you can try going the opposite direction and wait for a last-minute deal. Though last-minute travel deals can be risky, you can often get the best deals overall. However, you need to be somewhat flexible with your travel dates and destination.

Try to Book During “Sale Season”

Travel rates probably aren’t at the top of the list when thinking of sale prices. However, there is actually a time of year when booking is least expensive. Booking flights between October and December can save you hundreds of dollars, followed closely by January through March. During these times, business is typically slower for airlines and they cut their prices to fill empty seats. Also, most seats on planes are taken up by people traveling for business. So, you can usually save a little money if you avoid the busiest travel days for business people like Mondays and Fridays.

Brag about Your Honeymoon

Most people really don’t like to tout and brag. However, it can actually be one of the best cheap honeymoon ideas for saving money. You’ll be amazed what travel companies are willing to offer you for free when traveling for your honeymoon! Mainly, it’s because they know you will inevitably travel again; and hopefully you’ll give them your future business. By simply mentioning it’s your honeymoon, hotels will upgrade your room. Occasionally, airlines will upgrade your flight, and restaurants will upgrade your table and possibly give you free dessert. Depending on how classy the hotel or resort is, you may even be given free champagne or chocolate covered strawberries upon arrival!

If you have followed all the advice in this tutorial and still couldn’t manage to piece together a cheap honeymoon package you could afford, don’t beat yourself up too much. Many couples simply can’t afford a honeymoon after paying for a wedding. However, that doesn’t mean it’s completely out of reach. Just enjoy each other and bask in afterglow of your new marriage! Then, continue to save as much as you can and revisit the idea for your first anniversary. Remember, you don’t have to travel far for your honeymoon; it’s all about spending time together.