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Summer WeddingPlanning a wedding in any season can be both fun and stressful, but this is particularly true for summer weddings. Though one might expect that the weather would be better in the summer than the other seasons, it is actually the least predictable because of the possibilities of rain or extreme heat. Nevertheless, there are several summer wedding planning tips that can take the stress out and emphasize the fun. Below we have outlined some of these tips to help give you some inspiration for planning your big day.


Though your particular taste may vary, most experts would agree that a classic all-white wedding theme is a great way to present a crisp and clean look that will pop in the summer backdrops. Also, you want to choose hearty flowers like lillies and orchids instead of delicate flowers like roses and carnations because of the high heat and humidity that will cause them to wilt and look droopy. Optionally, many couples opt to create “edible” arrangements made from fresh fruits and vegetables found locally around the are you are having your wedding. This can add a fun and regional twist to a classic staple for your summer wedding decorations.


When it comes time to feed your wedding guests, the last thing you want to do in the middle of summer is serve up a heavy and hearty meal. Rather than classic dishes like prime rib or pasta, you might want to consider  choosing a light and airy dish that won’t weigh you down. Things like fruit and vegetable spreads can go a long way towards curbing your guests’ hunger, and you can finish off the courses with some nice seafood like grilled halibut or fresh shrimp. Another thing to incorporate as much as possible is cirtus flavors that can really make you  and your guests feel refreshed on a hot summer day.


The biggest threat you have at a summer wedding is your guest getting too thirsty and even dehydrated. Having refreshing and hydrating drinks is very important for the health and comfort of your guests. Make sure you have plenty of water, either bottled or in large pitchers with ice, and make sure it’s readily available to all the guests at any time. When it comes time to serve alcoholic beverages, you should avoid serving stright liquor shots or dark red wine that can dehydrate your guests and feel heavy in your stomach. Instead, choose light and fruity drinks like a watermelon martini or a mojito to give your guests a refreshing and pleasing experience.

Wedding cake

Just like the food and drinks, you want to avoid anything that would be too heavy in the summer heat. This rules out most types of chocolate cake, especially dark ones like devil’s food or german chocolate cake. Howvwer, no matter what flavor or style of cake you choose, it will likely not hold up in the summer heat unless it happens to be a very mild day. Your best bet is to keep your wedding cake in a temperature-controlled area until just before you serve it or serve your cake indoors if possible. Lemon and orange flavored cakes seem to be popular in the summer because the citrus is a refreshing change from traditional cake flavors.

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