Long summer days are perfect for an outdoor wedding and reception, even if it means fighting off the mosquitoes in some places. Many couples are choosing more rustic retreats for their weddings including barns, cottages and even campsites on sprawling acres of land. Since outdoor weddings can usually be a little bit different and don’t always include a DJ and dance floor, couples have been coming up with all kinds of different ways to keep their guests happy during the reception. Couples have also used lawn games as a way of getting guests to mingle over cocktails while they are waiting for the bride and groom to arrive. If that interests you, we’ve got some great ideas for summer wedding games that might interest you.

Choosing and Planning Your Summer Wedding Games

You don’t have to go out and buy a lot of the items you’ll need for your guests entertainment; many companies offer game rentals that you can pick up or have set up for you depending on your preference. If you are feeling creative, you can even make some wedding games yourself. Make the games engaging and provide a list of available games where all guests will see it, preferably at an entrance. Some guests will not play because they may not know the rules of the game. You can use chalkboards or pieces of wood to write or paint instructions on so that the guests can read it themselves and learn how to play instead of just skipping it or having to bother someone else by asking.

Summer Wedding Games - Badminton imageBadminton

This is one of the easiest summer wedding games for anyone to pick up and play, and it certainly gets the heart beating. If you have lots of room, badminton is a great option for two or four players, depending on how your guests like to play the game. It is easy to set up or cheap to purchase if you so choose and makes for an enjoyable summer wedding game experience.

Mini Golf

This is an easy game to rent and accessorize for your own tastes. Add a fact or two about you and your new spouse at every hole that maybe your guests wouldn’t have known about you, such as your love for Western movies or your dream summer vacation location. If they get the answer right, give them a small prize like wedding sparklers or a piece of candy. It makes the game even more fun and engaging.

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is one of those games that might need a little bit more instruction, and if you do not have time to write up a sign detailing the instructions, it is always best to ask someone in your wedding party who is knowledgeable about the game to instruct others. This will help your guests feel more open to trying the game if they haven’t before, and will feel more comfortable if someone is explaining it to them. Bocce ball is one of the most popular summer games of all time, so having it at your summer wedding is a perfect fit.

Horseshoes / Bean Bag Toss

Many campsites offer horseshoe games, so depending on where you are holding your reception, they may already have a play area and you won’t even have to rent a setup. That makes this one of the simplest summer wedding games to host. For the bean bag toss, also called ‘Cornhole’, couples can either make their own with the bean bags the same color as the color they’ve chosen for their wedding, or use complimentary colors. Some of the boards have silhouettes of the bride and groom while others may say Mrs. with a lipstick kiss and Mr. with a bow-tie accent.

These summer wedding games are simple to setup and easy to play. The key to success is finding something both fun and simple, and these 4 ideas fit that bill.