Summer Wedding DestinationsSummer is the most popular time to get married all across the world. However, if you’re thinking of summer wedding destinations, how do you choose the location that is right for you? Furthermore, what are some of the best summer wedding destinations? We have some ideas for you to think about!

Coastal Towns

Coastal towns come alive in the summer time. They are brimming with tourists flocking to take in the sights as well as those looking to marry. If you love the water, or perhaps are looking for the perfect place for a nautical or beach theme, consider a beautiful seaside or coastal town. Many places are equipped for weddings, but remember to do your research and look into booking well in advance. Since many places are hot tourist destinations, you do not want your desired accommodations to be booked up.

Mountain Getaways

Not everyone wants to embrace the heat of summer, and a mountain getaway for a wedding is the perfect idea. There may not be any snow, but that all depends on where you are headed. Get away from the heat and enjoy the more spring-like temperatures in some locations and get some once in a lifetime photo opportunities. Many couples do not consider mountain getaways for summer wedding destinations, but it is worth a look into. You can get a good deal on your wedding venue if you choose the right place!

National Parks

If you and your significant other are nature lovers, consider getting married in a national or state park. Many of them offer places to hold receptions and can help you with the planning and execution of your special day. Some wedding planners even specialize in these types of weddings and can be a great wealth of information when it comes to required permits and reception locations. Best of all, there are so many National Parks across the United States that there is bound to be a great option near your home.

Tropical Summer Wedding Destinations

For the ultimate destination wedding experience, there’s really no substitute for a tropical locale. The list of perfect places for a tropical destination is very long including Hawaii, Tahiti, Mexico, or the Bahamas. Having a tropical destination wedding will be quite expensive and need to be planned as far in advance as possible due to popularity. You’ll also need to research the best wedding venues for the summer. However, if you can afford it and manage to make a reservation, it’s the perfect summer wedding option.

Whether you want to stay close to home, see a beautiful National Park, or just soak up some sun on your favorite beach, there are plenty of great summer wedding destinations to choose from. The most important thing to remember is that the ceremony will be the highlight of your special day. That means where you say your vows can have a huge impact on how memorable the entire experience is. By choosing the perfect location for your summer wedding, you will stack the cards in your favor to have an unforgettable wedding experience!