Imagine standing at the altar staring into the eyes of the person you’re ready to spend your life with. The weather is gorgeous and sunny, and everything is falling into place. Your summer destination wedding in the northeast is beyond your wildest dreams! And, all it took was a little careful planning.

Sadly, too many couples don’t get to live out this idyllic scenario. Venue owners are often less than forthcoming when it comes to the downfalls of their location. Instead, they highlight only the fancy aspects and ignore the rest. Whether it’s nasty weather or the fact that certain items like sparklers aren’t allowed, being mislead can ruin your dreams. To prevent this for your event, I’ve put together some facts about Nantucket Island to cover all aspects. Hopefully, this knowledge will help you know exactly what you have in store. Here’s what you need to know.

Nantucket Island: Ideal for a Summer Destination Wedding in the Northeast

If you’re planning on having a destination wedding in the northeast region of the U.S., there are some great ideas that will help you plan without an absurd amount of time or effort. Because you’ve chosen to have your wedding in the northeast, you can take advantage of the beautiful characteristics that are present in that region. A great way to do this is to go for a rustic-inspired wedding in a place that’s perfectly suited for it; Nantucket Island.

Location is Everything

Located a mere 30 miles from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Nantucket Island offers a charming and rustic atmosphere that will be a great escape from your normal life. Brimming with charm and old-world style, Nantucket Island features cobblestone streets, quaint villages, beaches, and scenic bike paths. Nantucket really takes a lot of the effort out of your planning because the entire island is already perfectly suited to host a wedding.

Ideal Weather for a Wedding

Regardless of which season you choose to have your wedding, Nantucket Island has pretty great weather. However, it really shines for a summer wedding destination in the northeast. Because of the cool breeze coming off the ocean, it doesn’t usually get too hot for comfort. It also means that outdoor activities like wedding sparkler send-off lines are easy to perform. There are many things beyond weather that should influence your decision. However, it’s nice to know that you won’t have too many issues there during your celebration.

Easy Traveling Plans

Another great feature of Nantucket Island is that coordinating your guest’s arrival is going to be very simple. They offer a ferry service that runs between the mainland and island that is both affordable and a scenic adventure of its own. Optionally, you can also have your guests fly directly to the island; with convenient direct flights available from Boston, New York, DC, or Providence.

Great Accommodations and Venues

Image of Fancy Nantucket Bay Accommodations for WeddingsNantucket Island is home to several beautiful inns to accommodate your guests once they have arrived. The gorgeous and famous Nantucket Bay is the backdrop to many of these picturesque inns; with charming embellishments such as antique pine furniture and a plethora of flowers. Nestled right along the coast line, your guests will enjoy sandy beaches and an excellent view of the ocean. Meanwhile, they can relax and enjoy your summer destination wedding in the northeast.

Natural Beauty Galore!

Lastly, the entire island is brimming with flowers that will be in full bloom during the summer months. Your wedding ceremony will benefit from a natural backdrop of roses and hydrangeas; which can save you money versus paying for paper or wood roses. The biggest benefit here is that you can use the budget you would have spent on a florist to invest in some other nice wedding day treats.

As you can see, this amazing location has everything you want for a summer destination wedding in the northeast. In fact, you can have a great experience regardless of which season you visit. Just make sure you take the time to review all the different inns and venues before you make your pick. While there are several great options, not all of them will satisfy your wish list. Good luck on your planning and I hope you found this post helpful!