From time to time, we receive some very strange questions about wedding sparklers and their uses. Typically, it’s just people looking for some fun facts about our products. However, I occasionally find myself doling out useful information that may be of interest to others. To address these queries, I publish a Q&A piece periodically. In this edition, I will cover strange questions about wedding sparklers. But I will get right to the meat and potatoes; here are nine questions and answers on that topic.

Can Sparklers Melt Metal?

This is a fun question that I get all the time, and most people are confused by the answer. Since most sparklers are made with a steel wire handle, the obvious guess would be that they do not. However, with the high temperatures produced, sparklers can definitely melt certain types of metal. They can heat things up to around 2000 degrees, and that is enough to melt softer metals like aluminum with ease. You don’t have to worry about them melting in your hands, but technically they can melt metal.

Are Sparklers Thermite?

No, thermite and sparklers are not the same thing. However, since they are both pyrotechnic compounds, it’s easy to understand the confusion. The main difference is that thermite is a compound consisting of certain ingredients that are different. It is a mixture of aluminum powder and iron oxide and it can burn at temperatures up to 3500 degrees. Conversely, the compound that sparklers are made from only burns at around 2000 degrees. Thermite can melt through steel quite easily while our products cannot. Though there are similarities, they are not the same.

Can I Make Sparklers at Home?

No matter what it is that you intend to purchase, usually there’s a DIY project that can save you money. After all, how hard could it be to make these things? There are several recipes for making your own homemade sparklers on the internet, and they will produce results. However, be prepared to be underwhelmed. Sadly, it isn’t easy getting the right materials to make a real version, and the alternatives are always lackluster in comparison. Also, whenever I receive this question, I remind the person that there’s another question they should be asking. Should you make them at home? No. There is no financial savings, and frankly it can be dangerous to attempt. For your own safety and the safety of others, please leave it to the professionals.

Will Sparklers Start on Fire in the Sun?

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding fireworks in general and how they react in the sun. Most notably, people mention that they are told leaving fireworks in a hot trunk can cause an explosion. Point blank: this is simply not true. Obviously, if the sun were to be magnified directly at a sparkler or a firework fuse, it could theoretically cause ignition. However, under normal circumstances, this is not a possibility. Direct sunlight has no effect on fireworks whatsoever. As long as you keep your magnifying glass away from them, there is zero chance that they will ignite from the sun.

Can Sparklers Burn Underwater?

This is a strange question about wedding sparklers that I love to answer; mainly because the answer is so surprising to most people. In short, yes, sparklers can burn underwater if certain conditions are met. First off, they need to be made from metal wire and not wood. Wood acts like a wick and will snuff out your sparkler from the inside out. Second, you need to have it lit and performing before it is submerged in water for it to work. If it’s already sparkling, the heat will vaporize the water before it can extinguish the flame. That is the science behind this unique phenomenon.

Do Sparklers Make a Funny Smell?

As I tell people who ask this all the time, the way something smells is completely subjective. Yes, sparklers do have a distinct smell; but whether or not you find it “funny” or “rotten” varies from person to person. They have a similar smell to matches, which some people find off-putting. However, most people are familiar with the smell and find it to be non-intrusive.

Do Sparklers Ever Go Bad?

Whether you like to stock up or just want to know the fate of your leftover sparklers, knowing their expiration date can be important. Overall, sparklers last for however long you can keep them dry. If you store them away from moisture and humidity completely, they can theoretically last forever. However, in normal environmental conditions, you can expect to get a 2-3 year shelf life out of them quite easily. In general, I recommend buying a one year supply at most to help prevent unnecessary product waste.

Can Sparklers Burn Upside-Down?

Image of a Person Using a Sparkler Upside-DownI’ll never forget when I was a kid and the sweet NASA pens that write upside-down came out! I was quite the nerd, and I thought it was so cool to write like the astronauts. However, I get asked this strange question about wedding sparklers all the time. Yes, they can burn upside-down. When a sparkler burns, it’s actually a chemical reaction. Since chemical reactions are not affected by gravity, the orientation of your item is not relevant to its performance. If the compound was a gas or liquid, the story would be different. However, since it is attached to the wire and doesn’t move, the process can take place regardless how they are being held.

Is It Safe to Put Sparklers in your Mouth?

Not to be patronizing, but I feel like this is the worst of all the strange questions about wedding sparklers that I receive. No matter what your reasons or idea is, you should never put sparklers in your mouth under any circumstances. First off, the chemicals could be dangerous to ingest. Second, you could suffer some very serious burns if things don’t go exactly right. In closing, putting a lit sparkler in your mouth is about the stupidest thing you can do with our products.

Should I Use Sparklers During the Bouquet Toss?

If you are using fresh flowers in your bouquet, it’s not completely out of the question to have your guests use sparklers. However, artificial flowers made from paper, wood, or other combustible materials should not be considered candidates. If you insist on using sparklers during your activity, there are plenty of great alternatives to a bouquet toss that you should consider. Even if the flowers are fresh, tossing anything at a group of people holding any burning item is a bad idea. In short: I definitely recommend against this idea.

Do You Have Any Strange Questions About Wedding Sparklers?

Hopefully, this covers most of the strange questions about wedding sparklers that you happen to have. However, I’m always interested in hearing something new and addressing it here for our readers! If you have a question you want answered and it wasn’t covered here, please feel free to contact me and ask away. Even if it doesn’t make it on our website, I’m still happy to answer people directly with any queries at all. Thanks everyone, and have a great celebration!