Staying Sane While Planning Your Wedding Can Be DifficultEven if you enter the planning process with a great plan and good intentions, most brides will become overwhelmed at some point from all the stress involved. This stress can come from a variety of places such as your emotions, trying to make too many choices, or just the clock working against you. Though it is perfectly normal to take on some stress while planning your wedding, too much stress can be a very bad thing and make you despise what should be a happy occasion. To help with staying sane while planning your wedding, we have created a short list of strategies that will help you get everything that you need done without going grey or tearing your hair out.

5 Minutes Each Day

Though it may sound silly, setting aside as little as 5 minutes each day for yourself to relax can do wonders with keeping your stress under control. Popular stress relieving endeavors include things like yoga, a bubble bath, or meditation. However, pretty much anything will do the trick as long as you shut your mind off and relax completely. It will help you to compartmentalize your thoughts, too. After all, the last thing you want to do is be thinking about whether you want 36 inch wedding sparklers or something shorter while you are cuddling with your fiance!

Girl Time

Another great way to let off some steam and keep your sanity is to spend some fun time with your best girlfriends. There are very few things in life that will take your mind off the stresses of planning a wedding like hanging out with the girls for a little R and R, and there’s nothing wrong with sipping on a nice glass of wine to help soothe your worries away.

Share Stories

Though it may not sound like a great idea on the surface, having your friends and family share stories about mishaps and goof-ups at previous weddings can really add some levity to your own planning woes. The fact of the matter is that almost no wedding goes off without at least a small hiccup, so hearing stories about brides tripping while coming down the aisle or the power going out in a reception venue can remind you that even if something isn’t perfect, you’re still going to have a beautiful wedding day and a glorious start to your new lives together.

Stay Nearby

One of the best ways to make sure you enter your wedding day cool, calm, and collected is to stay the night before in a hotel nearby. You don’t want to rush out in the morning and be in a huge hurry to get to your ceremony venue! So, waking up only a minute or two away can be a huge relief. If you happen to live very close to your wedding venue, that’s fine too; but sometimes it can be nice to stay in a luxury room before your big day.

Eat a Snack

It may sound silly, but eating a small snack right before you head down the aisle can give you the fuel you need to keep your wits about you during the ceremony. Not only will a small snack help to keep your nerves calm, but it will help tide you over until you can eat for real at the reception. Chances are you have been eating light for the past few days to make sure you fit into your wedding dress, so having a quick snack will help get you through that final stretch.

The Big Picture

In the end, you need to take some time off from wedding planning to stay sane. If all you think about is little details like whether or not your sparklers are smokeless, you will go nuts. Make it a point to separate planning time from your personal time. The line can often be blurry, but having boundaries will save you many grey hairs. Good luck, breathe deep, and take care of yourself first and foremost!