Welcome to the seventeenth edition of “a thousand words”. This story is called “Sparkling Pregnancy Photos”. Most couples want to take photos during pregnancy, and they are pictures they will cherish for their entire life. From classic milk bath photos to blatant belly shots, nearly anything and everything is on the table. However, most people never consider using props like sparklers for their photo shoot. Though it may seem unorthodox, that’s exactly what one couple decided to do.

Trisha and Phillip tried for years to have a child. Sadly, Phillip was found to have a very low sperm count and they struggled to find a path forward. Luckily, after working with several local fertility specialists, they were graced with the great news of a pregnancy! Trisha was completely overwhelmed by the good news, and Phillip decided he wanted to do something particularly special to commemorate the journey; and this is where our story begins.

Deciding on Something Special to Commemorate the Pregnancy

As a barista, Philip didn’t have much experience in coming up with ideas for a situation such as this. So, he took to the internet to start coming up with some ideas. After several hours of research, he finally came up with a shortlist of his top picks. To help you immerse in this story, here is a breakdown of his favorite options.

Pregnancy Announcement

Make your pregnancy announcement special and memorable for the best impact. You could design a creative photo announcement, create a video montage, or plan a surprise gathering to share the news with loved ones. If you are feeling very courageous, you can even print it in your local newspaper!

Plant a Tree or Garden

Symbolize the growth and new beginnings by planting a tree or creating a pregnancy garden. Choose a tree or flowers that hold significance to you and your family. Watch it grow alongside your child, and let it serve as a reminder of your pregnancy journey. This is a labor-intensive option, but it also creates a massive impact.

Belly Casting

Create a cast of your baby bump to preserve the memory of your experience. You can purchase a belly casting kit online or at a local crafts store. Additionally, you can invite friends or family members to help you with the process and decorate the cast afterward. It’s a fun activity that will leave you with a memorable keepsake.

Photo Shoot

Hire a professional photographer or ask a friend who is good with a camera to capture stunning images of you during this special time. You can choose a scenic location, incorporate props or themes, or simply focus on capturing the natural beauty of your pregnancy. In some cases, you can even do a maternity photo shoot with sparklers for added dramatic effect!

Pregnancy Journal or Scrapbook

Document your journey through a pregnancy journal or scrapbook. Write down your thoughts, feelings, and milestones, and include ultrasound pictures, photos, and mementos. This can be a beautiful keepsake to cherish and share with your child in the future!

Baby Shower or “Blessingway”

Organize a gathering with friends and family to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your little one. It can be a traditional baby shower with games and gifts, or a more intimate blessingway ceremony focused on nurturing and supporting the mother-to-be.

Pregnancy Art or Painting

If you enjoy art, consider creating a piece that symbolizes your amazing journey. You can paint a picture, create a collage, or even make a sculpture! I suggest you use colors, shapes, and symbols that hold meaning for you and reflect the emotions of this transformative time. Then, hang it on your wall for your friends and family to enjoy.

Create a Pregnancy Time Capsule

Gather items that represent your pregnancy such as ultrasound pictures, baby clothes, letters to your future child, or other significant mementos. Place them in a sealed container and store it somewhere safe. If you are more adventurous, consider burying under a tree in your backyard. Then, you can open it together as a family in the future to reminisce about this special time.

Settling on a Photo Shoot

Image of a Pregnant Woman Holding 20 Inch SparklersDeciding on this option was actually quite easy for Phillip. After looking at the various options, he thought it would be the easiest to put together and make the biggest impact. Fortunately, one of his very close friends is a professional photographer, so he wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money. However, he knew he still had a lot of work to do in order to create the perfect vibe and setting. Furthermore, he knew he wanted to include props; but sparkling pregnancy photos were not on his radar just yet. But after looking through various ideas online, he finally stumbled upon the inspiration he needed.

Deciding on Sparkling Pregnancy Photos

A lot of people have heard about using sparklers for a gender reveal party, but a pregnancy photo shoot is another matter. First off, Phillip had some reservations about whether or not it was safe for his wife to hold sparklers during a photo shoot at all. Obviously, an accidental burn was his first thought. However, he then worried about smoke inhalation and its possible consequences. Fortunately, he discovered that there are smoke-free sparkler options available; and that alleviated many of his concerns. Additionally, knowing that Trisha was a competent adult, the rewards of having sparkling pregnancy photos outweighed the minor burn risks involved.

Putting it All Together

Now that he had decided on sparklers, he had to shop for the right ones. He knew they needed to be long enough to last for several photos, but not so big as to be difficult to handle. In the end, he settled on 20 inch sparklers since they seemed to be the sweet spot for all of their needs. Next, he called his photographer buddy and setup a practice shoot so everything would be perfect. After they had the whole process dialed in, all that remained was to clue Trisha into the plans. Obviously, she was extremely delighted, and the photos they captured will be cherished for many years to come.

What Can We Learn from Trisha and Phillip’s Experience?

Before I dig in too deep, I want to give a shout out to Trisha and Phillip for sharing their experience and their photos. The biggest takeaway I got from discussing their process with them is that it can be a little more time-consuming than you might expect. Additionally, there are a handful of minor risks associated with creating sparkling pregnancy photos; so you need to decide if it will be worth it to you in the end. However, if you are bold enough to do the work, the photos will turn out as dazzling as theirs did!

I hope you enjoyed this story and the photos, and that it will serve as inspiration for your experience. Whether you are considering a similar photo shoot or are just looking for inspiration, these types of stories can be extremely useful. If you want more ideas to help you plan, check out our previous edition of “A Thousand Words”. Until next time, good luck and have a wonderful pregnancy!