Welcome to the sixteenth edition of “a thousand words”. This story is called “Sparkling Easter Eggs”. With Easter right around the corner, many families are brainstorming to find ways to celebrate. Obviously, there are several longstanding traditions like baskets and egg hunts. However, it can be fun to add a new twist to a classic activity to change things up. Trevor and Denise are two such people, and they had an idea to buy Easter sparklers online and garnish their dyed eggs with them. Though the photos speak for themselves, here is a little more background to the story for context.

Why Do People Dye Easter Eggs?

Easter eggs have been a symbol of new life, fertility, and rebirth for centuries. The tradition of dyeing eggs for Easter has been around for a long time and has evolved over the years. The earliest records of decorated eggs date back to ancient Persia. They were used as part of the Zoroastrian festival of Navroz. In ancient Rome, eggs were given as gifts during the spring festival of Hilaria; which celebrated the resurrection of Attis, the god of vegetation. In the Christian tradition, eggs were used as a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


The custom of dyeing eggs for Easter is said to have originated in medieval Europe. It was a way of celebrating the end of the Lenten fast and the beginning of the Easter feast. Eggs were boiled and then dyed in bright colors to represent the joy and happiness of the occasion. In the 19th century, the tradition of Easter egg dyeing became more popular in America with the arrival of German immigrants. They brought with them the tradition of decorating eggs with vibrant colors and intricate designs using wax or vinegar and food coloring.

Modern Day Traditions

Today, Easter egg dyeing has become a fun activity for families and children around the world. There are many methods and techniques for dyeing eggs, including using natural dyes made from onion skins, beets, and other vegetables. Some people also use store-bought kits that include food coloring and stickers. In addition to dyeing eggs, there are many other ways to decorate them, including painting, drawing, and using stickers, glitter, and other embellishments. The tradition of Easter egg dyeing continues to evolve and change, but the symbolism of new life and rebirth remains a central theme.

Deciding to Create Sparkling Easter Eggs

Image of Easter Eggs with Sparklers as a GarnishTrevor and Denise were extremely excited because they had just had their third child. Named Elvis, they decided they wanted his first Easter to be dazzling! So, they started brainstorming different fun traditions like using sparklers for Easter so they could get the right plan together. Since their child was destined for greatness, they didn’t want to choose something common. Instead, they decided on creating sparkling Easter eggs in a way that they couldn’t find online.

Once they “hatched” their plan, they needed to look at all the options available. First and foremost, they needed to be affluent in all the latest versions and types of sparklers on the market. Next, they had to look into just how they should prepare the eggs. After much research, they finally settled on a perfect combination. To be helpful, Trevor and Denise were nice enough to share their process. Hopefully, this will aid you in your endeavors as you seek the ultimate holiday experience.

How to Add Sparklers to Easter Eggs

Fortunately, the process of adding sparkler to your eggs isn’t a difficult process. First off, you need to gather the materials. Once you have your eggs, dye, and medium-length sparklers, you can start out as normal. Boil your eggs, mix your dyes, and dip your eggs like normal. Then, there are only a few easy steps to follow. Here’s a quick breakdown.

  • Take a single egg and create a tiny hole using a pin, nail, or sharp knife. Try to be fast so you don’t create a lot of shell chips.
  • Insert the handle side of the sparkler through the hole. The “solidified” core of the hard-boiled egg should keep it firmly in place.
  • By placing your eggs on a firm surface, you can enjoy the show and not damage it for your favorite recipes. My personal favorites are deviled eggs!

By following these simple tips, you can have a safe and enjoyable experience. Best of all, it will really enhance the “rebirth” theme that you’re aiming for!

Displaying Your Sparkling Easter Eggs in a Basket

One of the more difficult things you need to consider is how you plan to display them in the morning. Some people want to place them in the baskets, while others prefer to wait to assemble them as a family. If you plan to add them to the baskets, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, you’ll need to make sure you put them on top. Not only will the added candy potentially damage the eggs, but kids tend to be a bit haphazard when grabbing into their “goody stash”. Additionally, you should never light the sparklers when the eggs are inside the baskets. Always be safe and do them in an open area! Lastly, you can always place them in a separate sparkler display bucket if you want to be completely safe. If you follow these basic principles, sparkling Easter eggs are easy to add to any basket design.

What Can We Learn from Trevor and Denise’s Experience?

First off, I want to thank Trevor and Denise for sharing their photos and their experience. Not everyone is so giving, and it’s a great reminder with the holidays around the corner. Overall, you need to assess what is best for your family values and traditions first. However, most people find that having sparkling Easter eggs can be a fun way to create a unique atmosphere.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this story and learned something useful. Whether you have a lot of kids or are just looking for something new, thank you for digging in so deep. If you are interested in more ideas, check out our previous edition of “A Thousand Words”. Until next time, good luck and have a very happy holiday!