Sparklers for Gender Reveal Parties ImageAmong the countless other uses people have been finding for sparklers, one of the newest trends is to use sparklers for gender reveal parties for your baby. Essentially, nobody will know whether the baby is going to be a boy or a girl until they light their sparklers and either a blue or red color will let everyone know at the same time what the results are (there are small dots on the tips that most people would never see, but see the photos below for full details). This is a lot more fun than finding out the gender of your baby from the doctor and simply telling all of your friends and family because you will find out at the same time and have everyone there to celebrate with you. Ordering gender reveal sparklers from Wedding Day Sparklers is very easy, and we will go over some of the details below.

Getting Us the Results

The most important step to ordering your gender reveal sparklers is to inform us of what gender your baby will be. It’s important to keep your baby gender results a secret, and if you want to be part of the surprise you can have a liaison order the sparklers on your behalf. This ensures that nobody at your event will have an idea of what the gender is until you all light your sparklers, including you. You can optionally order your sparklers for gender reveal parties after you’ve received the results from your doctor if you’d rather not be surprised. Some people even order both red and blue sparklers, then return the unused ones for a refund or keep them for a future 4th of July or birthday celebration.

Receiving Your Sparklers for Gender Reveal Parties

Once we have received notification of what gender your baby is, we can put together your package and ship out your sparklers. If you are having a boy, we will pack up blue sparklers. If you are having a girl, we will pack up red sparklers. Our color sparklers a very good quality and will show off your baby’s gender perfectly. Once they arrive, have a friend remove the sparklers from their original boxes so that you won’t know what color they are until you light them at the party. Both red and blue sparklers look similar until they’re lit, so the surprised won’t be ruined prematurely. More on that topic below. Here is a video of what you can expect to see after they are lit.

Ordering Your Gender Reveal Sparklers

To order sparklers for your gender reveal party, you will want to contact us directly to setup some of the details. We will need to determine how many guests you will be having as well as how the gender information will be sent to us. You can then pay for your gender reveal sparklers since both red and blue are the same price and we will ship them out as soon as we receive confirmation of your baby’s gender.

Can the Color of the Sparkler be Identified Before it is Lit?

Colored Tips on Sparklers for Gender Reveal Parties imageThough the sparklers will appear the same color overall, there is a small dot on the tip of each one that is either red, blue, or green depending on the color it will burn. If keeping the gender of your baby a secret is of vital importance to you, it is best to keep the sparklers somewhere safe and not hand them out until it is time for them to be lit. The chances that anyone will notice the colored dot on the tip of your gender reveal sparklers is very slim, but it’s something you should be aware of before you place your order. It’s important to us that you know exactly what you are going to receive in your order.

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