When you’re planning a wedding, staying on top of the latest social media hype can help you create the perfect ceremony. In particular, many brides focus on what is trending on Tik-Tok at any given moment. Recently, the concept of “micro-weddings” took off huge and has been a growing trend throughout this year. Since the event is smaller, you can make it more fun for the smaller group of guests. One of the popular ideas right now is to use sparklers for a micro-wedding to make it more interactive. But what exactly is a micro-wedding, and how can sparklers fit into the picture? Here’s everything you need to know to plan the day of your dreams on a smaller scale.

What is a Micro-Wedding?

Image of a Venue Being Setup for a Micro-WeddingA micro-wedding is like the “bite-sized” version of a traditional wedding. It’s an intimate affair with a smaller guest list, typically ranging from 20 to 50 people. The focus is on creating a more personal and meaningful experience, often in a smaller venue. This allows for more attention to detail and the ability to add more items like wedding sparklers to the experience. Additionally, with inflation eating into everyone’s pocketbook, the lower price can be very attractive to younger couples. It’s a great option for those who prefer a cozy celebration with their closest friends and family rather than a larger, more elaborate event.

Why are Sparklers Perfect for Small Weddings?

Since the intimate setting of a micro-wedding is so personal, it’s much easier to do hands-on activities. Sparklers are a great choice because the smaller group size makes using them for a variety of activities a breeze. First off, they are easier to hand out and light with 25-50 people. Second, it’s easier to coordinate small wedding groups compared to larger 150 plus guest events. This makes it possible to take photos with your sparklers in a variety of different configurations. Also, you’ll be able to do it over and over since you won’t be sharing photographer time to the same extreme. Overall, using sparklers for a micro-wedding is simply a great fit.

What are the Best Sparklers for a Micro-Wedding?

Now that you’ve settled on using sparklers at your intimate wedding, you need to consider your options. Normally, people steer towards very long 36 inch sparklers since they last so for around 4 minutes. However, with a guest list of 25-50 people, this is far too long! Instead, I urge you to consider the 2o inch version instead for better pricing and a shorter performance duration. They still last plenty of time, so you won’t be compromising on your experience. In fact, wedding closer to 25 people can probably get away with using 10 inch sparklers for weddings that only last around 45 seconds. Whatever you choose, it’s actually better to resist choosing a product that is much too large.

Optionally, there are other types of activities that can only be performed at a smaller gathering. For instance, if you plan to top your cake with them, you could actually place a sparkler in each piece of cake. This would be cost and time-prohibitive at a larger wedding. Similarly, for your champagne toast, you could garnish each glass with bottle sparklers. Usually, you would only decorate the actual bottles for cost and time-saving measures. By leveraging the smaller guest list, you can easily find new and exciting twists to traditional sparkler uses.

Best Ways to Use Sparklers for a Micro-Wedding

Image of People Rehearsing a Wedding Sparkler Exit Ahead of TimeOnce you’ve settled on the right size and type, you should consider your activity options carefully. There are a lot of different ideas floating around out there, and the sky is the limit. Since you have such a small number of people involved, you can easily pull off any of these ideas. Here are a few of the most popular ones.

Send-Off or Wedding Exit

Sparklers are by far the coolest item you can use during a send-off or grand exit. However, if you have too many guests, it can become difficult to coordinate. In fact, just planning seating arrangements for 300 people is a nightmare! Fortunately, since you are planning a micro-wedding, you don’t have to worry! It’s easy to get things lit up for 25-50 guests, so the logistics are a breeze. Just break everyone into smaller groups of 5-8 people and you’ll be ready to begin instantly.

Photo Props

One of the best ways to use sparklers for a micro-wedding is in your pictures. You can create simple close-up shots with the subjects holding lit sparklers, or orchestrate elaborate creations. Whether you want to “draw” outlines or “write” various shapes with your sparklers, it’s easy to do with a smaller crowd. Having fewer guests can have some major benefits, and photographs are one of the best places to start.

Intimately Around the Fire

Lastly, you can just use them casually throughout your evening. Typically, micro-weddings have less defined segments; meaning the ceremony just bleeds into the reception. There’s nothing wrong with just casually using sparklers around the campfire while making snacks. Similarly, there’s no wrong time to just stand up and enjoy one in the field. Whether you are winding down the night by a campfire or standing around a grill, fewer people means more freedom to use them whenever you want.

Are Sparklers the Right Fit for Your Event?

Overall, the bride and groom need to work together to plan the day of their dreams. Once you’ve nailed down the plan, you can start to add things like sparklers to the bigger picture. Luckily, using sparklers for a micro-wedding is cost-effective and simple, and it will make a huge impact. Frankly, they are almost ideally matched since sparkler become much more versatile in smaller settings. Good luck and thanks for reading!