Welcome to the fifteenth edition of “a thousand words”. This story is called “Sparklers at a Live Music Concert”. If you’ve ever been to a musical performance in person, you probably know a lot can go into the production. If you are seeing a major act, there will be fireworks, lasers, and lights shows that will leave you absolutely speechless! However, for smaller bands playing locally, those types of dramatic effects may be a bit too pricey. After finding some sparklers rated for indoor use, one Midwestern band decided to put things in their own hands; or rather the crowds’. While this picture certainly says a lot, here is the full story that led up to this amazing photo.

When most people think about sparklers, they immediately imagine using them outdoors after sunset. However, there are actually a few brands that are rated for indoor use for events like weddings, birthdays, and other occasions. Trevor has a local band in the Chicago area named Grease Spot, and he wanted to make the upcoming show memorable. He didn’t know exactly where to start, so he gathered his band and started brainstorming. This is where our story begins.

Brainstorming for Cheap Stage Effects

The first thing that Trevor and the guys needed to was come up with a shortlist of viable options. Sadly, most pro-grade stage effect equipment was completely out of their price range. Furthermore, the idea of making homemade flash pots or other pyrotechnics was completely out of the question. Not only are they difficult to make for a novice, but they can also be extremely dangerous to use indoors if assembled incorrectly. With that in mind, they set out to brainstorm some alternatives.

First, they considered using conventional fireworks with fuses. The idea of huge fountains of sparks sounds pretty wicked during a live performance, but in a small venue it can be pretty dangerous too. Next, they thought of crafting some homemade lights to use on the stage. Sadly, none of the band members had any real experience wiring electronics; so that idea was out. Then Chad, the band’s drummer, had a brilliant idea: why not simply use sparklers on stage for the show?

Settling on Using Sparklers for a Live Music Concert

With everyone intrigued, it was time to weigh the pros and cons of using sparklers for a live music concert at such a small venue. The room could only fit around 150 people, so there were a lot of factors to consider. After all, this isn’t like lighting some sparklers at the end of the Olympics with your buddies; these are actual paying fans in a business environment! These had to be safe and smokeless to even be remotely viable. Confident they could source such a product, they moved onto the other concerns at hand.

Next, there was the question of how they would be used during the show at all. Obviously, it’s pretty difficult holding anything else when you have a guitar in your hands; especially when it’s making extremely hot sparks! Kenny, the bass player, suggested handing them out to some trusted fans so they could use them in the audience. This would allow the users to have complete focus and control while still adding some “sizzle” to the show. With their plan devised, they set out to find the perfect sparkler for the job.

Choosing the Right Type of Sparkler

Now that they had agreed on using sparklers for a live music concert stage effect, it was time to go shopping. They knew all the criteria they wanted met, but they were surprised at the number of options they had at their disposal. So, once again, they sat down and chatted about the right move. Here’s which options they considered before deciding.

Shaped Versions

There are many different shaped versions on the market that can be safely used indoors. Though the band agreed they were unique, the idea of heart or star sparklers during the show didn’t seem to fit their brand. Grease Spot is known for some pretty heavy riffs, and neither of those shapes really pair well with hard rock music. So after a quick glance, the guys decided to move on.

Traditional Versions

Next on the list was the more traditional version that everyone knows and loves; stick sparklers. These were immediately the favorite for most of the group because they were inexpensive and most people knew how to use them already. Additionally, they are rated for indoor use and are completely smokeless; so all the key safety criteria were easily met. Lastly, they had a shop nearby that had plenty of them in stock so they didn’t have to go on a wild goose chase just to find them. The band agreed that these were certainly going to be part of the plan!

“Tube” Versions

The last option they discovered are “tube” shaped versions that are made for special situations. Typically, they are used on cakes or attached to bottles; but they can be used in a variety of other ways, too. Kenny thought it would be a cool idea to attach a bottle sparkler to the head stock of his bass for the final song as an additional stage effect! Since he would perform on the side of the stage, the rest of the band agreed without hesitation.

Image of a Bottle Sparkler on a Bass Guitar Head Stock

Putting on a Great Show

Once they had the plan and purchased all the sparklers, they were ready to rock! They handed a large box to a group of their close friends so they could light them at various times during the show. The result is what’s depicted in the showcase photo at the top. The complimentary picture shows Kenny with a bottle sparkler attached to his bass. By looking at these images, you can see the massive impact that our products can make on even a garage band’s shows.

Hopefully, this story has encouraged you to think about using sparklers at a live concert for your band. They are actually quite safe, and they are affordable for even the lowest paid acts. Though we can never cover every aspect of the story in a single post, it should give you all the most important details. If you want more fun ideas, be sure to check out our previous edition of “A Thousand Words” for some fresh inspiration. Good luck with your next performance and remember to rock hard for the crowd!