When purchasing for a wedding, you need to choose between sparkler kits and buying them individually. Generally, complete kits are the more popular option because you get a discount along with everything you want. However, buying them individually can sometimes give you more flexibility in your options. To help you decide which option is best for you, I’ve put together this comparison of choosing sparkler kits or buying them individually. Here is what you need to know.

Benefits of Buying Sparkler Kits

As the more popular option, I’ll begin with complete sparkler kits. These package deals come with everything you need to have sparklers at your wedding. Besides just sparklers, the kits include buckets, torch lighters, decorative tags, and easy to follow instructions for common activities. Overall, they are the easiest way to achieve your desired results. Here is a breakdown of the key reasons many couples decide to go with sparkler kits.

Get the Best Price

The most notable benefit of choosing a complete kit is that you’ll get a deep discount on the price. Overall, you could save hundreds of dollars buying a package instead of buying them individually. The cost of buckets, lighters, and tags can easily be more than the main items themselves. By choosing a kit, you can take advantage of special pricing and a savings on shipping.

Eliminates the Hassle of Deciding What to Buy

Planning a wedding is very time-consuming and stressful, so hitting the “easy button” can be helpful. Mist brides want to be involved in every single detail, but it’s not necessary with sparkler kits. There’s no need to choose buckets and tags for hours on the internet; you’ll get everything you need in one purchase. Hopefully, it will take one little piece of stress off your plate so you can relax and enjoy your planning.

One-Click Shopping

Besides stress, time is one of the most valuable assets that any bride has. Even if you have everything under control, most brides don’t consider wedding sparklers until shortly before their big day. With one-click shopping, you can get them in time and not have to worry whether you forgot an accessory or not.

Which Size Kit?

Generally, couples will need to decide between the 20 inch and 36 inch kit for their wedding. Nearly all people choose between those two sizes, so they are all I will really cover. Here are some details about each size and which to choose.

20 Inch Kits

Image of Our Complete 20 Inch Sparkler KitsOur 20 inch sparkler packages come with all the accessories you need to display and use them at your event. The kit adds buckets, torches, and tags to your purchase so you have everything you need. The 20 inch size is the best choice for events with 120 guests or fewer.

36 Inch Kits

Our 36 inch sparkler packages come with all the same accessories as our 20 inch version; except the buckets are taller to accommodate the extra length. Everything you need comes in one box, so you won’t need to spend hours picking out the right accessories. The 36 inch length is great for events with over 120 guests because of the added performance time. The added duration will give you plenty of time to execute your chosen activity.

Benefits of Buying Sparklers Individually

Conversely, there are plenty of situations where buying sparkler individually is the better choice. For instance, some couples only want to use them in their centerpieces. For that purpose, having all of the accessories included in a kit is overkill. Additionally, there are dozens of types of sparklers available that are not available as part of a kit. Lastly, you can occasionally find a better price if you want only certain accessories and are will to shop the sales. Below, I’ll explore the benefits of buying sparkler individually rather than choosing a complete kit. Here’s what you need to know.

Choose Exactly What You Want

One of the best perks to purchasing your items separately is the ability to mix and match. For instance, maybe you want to have pink sparklers for the gals and blue ones for guys. Similarly, some brides prefer heart shaped sparklers instead of the traditional straight stick style. Fortunately, there are packages options that contain most of the common selections. However, there is no substitute for putting together the perfect options to meet your needs. It can be very difficult to find a kit that has exactly the items that you want at your wedding.

Skip the Items You Don’t Need

Image of a Torch Lighter Igniting SparklersAnother reason to buy items individually is that it eliminates the need to purchase things you don’t want. For instance, unless you are going to display your sparklers in buckets, tags are probably not a necessary purchase. Similarly, if you already have torches or lighters, buying them in a kit may be a waste of money. If you only need the meat and potatoes or only want a single accessory, then buying individually can make a lot of sense.

Sometimes Get a Better Price

Overall, sparkler kits are the best value for your money. However, you have to consider all of the items the package contains when determining the actual value. You may be getting a really good price compared to buying everything individually, but if you aren’t going to use all the pieces it can actually end up costing you more.

Additionally, some fireworks stores have clearance sales right after big holidays like the 4th of July. If you shop at the right time, you can occasionally get a better price than purchasing a kit. Furthermore, there are classified ad websites such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace that might be a good option to consider. Many couples list their leftover sparklers for cheap after their wedding is over. However, it’s pretty rare to find enough to supply your entire event; so make sure you start looking early on!

Deciding Between Sparkler Kits or Buying Individually

In the end, the decision between sparkler kits or buying individually should be based on the accessories. If you are going to use most of the add-ons that come in a kit, it is certainly the most cost-effective way to go. However, if you are only going to use one or two items, buying individually is the right choice. Your best bet is to plan ahead and know what you actually want before you start shopping. With a little bit of consideration, it’s easy to get the best price on exactly what you want for your wedding.