Sparkler Instruction Cards on a Table imageOne of the coolest and least expensive ways to showcase your wedding sparklers is to put them in a bucket or vase in the center of your reception tables. This not only gives your wedding some very nice decorations, but also offers an easy way to distribute your sparklers to your guests. While you could certainly go through the hassle of making an announcement to all of your guests about when and how you will be using your sparklers, you can save yourself some inconvenience by simply placing some sparkler instruction cards on the tables as well.

What are Sparkler Instruction Cards?

Sparkler instruction cards are pretty much exactly what they sound like. Usually folded in half to create a self-standing display, these little cards will tell your guests everything they need to know about what to expect with the event. Also, they can add a very nice decorative touch of their own by making the colors and card stock blend with the other decorations at your wedding.

How to Make Sparkler Instruction Cards

Sparkler instruction cards are very simple to make, and the way they look is completely customizable to fit your needs. There are many greeting card an place card templates available for all the popular word processors and photo editing software, which work pert for creating instruction cards to place in front of your bucket or vase of wedding sparklers. Just make sure that you’re editing the side that your guests will be reading so that the font and graphics are facing up. This will ensure that you can just place them on the tables and they will give your guests all the information that they need.

Example of Sparkler Instruction Cards image

Furthermore, you can create whatever type of theme that represents your wedding through card stock selection and graphics. If you are having a country wedding, choosing card stock with some brown colors marbled into it along with some images of barns or livestock can really make your sparkler cards “pop”. If you are having a beach wedding, you could choose some blue card stock and have some clipart of palm trees or sunsets to give them that unique and special look. Just use your creativity and plan out what you are hoping for in advance, and you shouldn’t have any problems. This can be one of the most fun projects for your wedding, so don’t be afraid to let your creativity and individuality shine through!