Free Wedding Sparkler Holder Templates

Wedding sparkler holders are a great way to add a decorative touch to your special day. Below, we have a variety of free wedding sparkler holder templates for you to download, print, and assemble yourself. Choose the color or design you like from the selections below and follow the instructions on the template download page. However, some people prefer to purchase them already made. Luckily, we offer sparkler tags to purchase or you can find alternatives on websites such as Etsy.

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Choose a Template Design


Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Sparkler Holder Templates

Choosing the right template for your needs doesn’t have to be a challenge. However, it does require that you educate yourself a bit so you know what you’re dealing with. Here are some tips to help you pick the design that is right for you. Remember, color choice and paper quality are extremely important factors; so please read through this section carefully.

Choosing a Color for Your Template

Choosing the right color before you download and print free sparkler holder templates is very important for a variety of reasons. First, ink and paper are very expensive so you don’t want to be wasteful. Second, you want everything to blend nicely with the other aspects of your decorations. Fortunately, both are easily combated with advanced preparation.

To make sure you’re picking the right color, first you need to know your wedding color scheme. Most palettes have 2 primary colors and once for accents; but your choices may vary slightly. I suggest choosing the accent color for your templates so you can tie everything together. However, any color in your scheme should work. Just make sure to hold something up to the screen before you start printing things out!

Which Size Sparklers Fit Best?

Typically, it is best to use our #10 wedding sparklers for your holders because then you can print on a standard size sheet of paper. However, you can use longer versions if you print on larger paper. Just remember that you want the width of your paper to be no less than 2 inches shorter than your sparklers. Otherwise, too much of the stick will hang over the edge and they will look awkward.

Paper Quality is Very Important

Paper quality is one factor that can’t be understated! A heavy card stock is preferred, but any card stock will suffice compared to regular printer paper. Additionally, I suggest staying away from fabric/linen stocks. They are usually flimsy and tend to fray around the edges. Whatever you choose, make sure it is rigid enough to handle the weight of the sparklers.


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