When you’re shopping for your wedding, it’s easy to buy things you don’t really need. Whether it’s going overboard on decorations or spending too much on favors, excessive purchases can wreak havoc on your budget. On the other hand, there are plenty of items that can really enhance your celebration for a reasonable cost. With this in mind, choosing your sparkler exit accessories can be a challenging balancing act. So which items are worth your time and which ones are wastes of money? Below, I’ll discuss both ends of the spectrum to give you clarity. Here’s what you need to know.

Must-Have Sparkler Exit Accessories

Image of Sparkler Exit Signage at a WeddingTo begin, let’s discuss the most valuable accessories you can use for your sparkler exit. Obviously, these items aren’t required. However, most people have high opinions of these items and find them to be worth the money. Let’s get started.


Buckets are one of the most quintessential sparkler exit accessories that you really do need. Not only are they elegant, they are extremely useful and versatile. First off, you can use them as a display bucket for your sparklers to distribute them quickly and efficiently to your guests. Furthermore, they can be used to hold water or sand as a safe place to discard of your used sparklers. In fact, you can use the same buckets for both purposes if you have a designated helper. Overall, these are one of the best tools you can have to help out your exit.

Instruction Cards or Signage

Providing your guests with clear instructions is very important for a well-coordinated wedding exit. There are many ways to do this, but the best two options are either instruction cards or signs placed in high traffic areas. For instruction cards, I find the best placement is at your reception tables. If you plan to use signage, consider placing them at your guestbook table and near the buffet tables. As long as your guests can easily see them, you will have a great advantage when it’s time to perform your sendoff.

Lighters or Torches

One of the easiest things to overlook when selecting accessories for a sparkler exit is an efficient way to light your sparklers. There are two main criteria for finding a reliable ignition source; it needs to be easy to light and do the job quickly. Lighters are an obvious choice for the task, but sadly most retail options are just not powerful enough. Instead, I suggest getting a torch designed for lighting sparklers to make it as easy as possible. The flame is much more intense and burns at higher temperatures than any other option available. This will allow you to light dozens of sparklers at once and, more importantly, do it instantaneously.

Safety Equipment

Lastly, having the proper safety equipment on hand is vital when choosing your sparkler exit accessories. Having all the luxuries is great, but it’s all moot if you can’t execute the process safely. That means having fire extinguishers at both ends of the sendoff line, as well as a properly stocked first aid kit. Additionally, it’s wise to have buckets of water and sand nearby in case of an incident. Furthermore, make sure you have a list of all the necessary emergency phone numbers handy and some delegated people with cell phones. By planning for every contingency, you can have a safe and fun experience.

Unnecessary Sparkler Exit Accessories

Image of Sparkler Tags in a Display BucketNext, let’s discuss items that a lot of people purchase and regret spending the money. Obviously, some people will still enjoy these items and you can certainly still use them if money isn’t a concern. However, if you are on a tight wedding budget like most young couples, the consensus is that these items aren’t necessary. Let’s begin.

Sparkler Holders or Custom Sleeves

The way you display your sparklers at your reception tables can make a huge impact at your wedding. If you are handing them out as favors, custom sleeves can add a very elegant touch to the presentation. Usually, people choose a sparkler holder template that compliments their color scheme or overarching theme. However, that concept is not ideal for a wedding exit. Typically, each guest only needs one sparkler for the entire activity. Since holders or custom sleeves are designed to hold six or more at a time, they end up being a waste of money.

Centerpiece Containers

Another way people prefer to display their sparklers is in their centerpieces. This can be extremely cost-effective if you’re already planning to have floral centerpieces. However, if they are just for the sparklers, this can be a huge added expense. There are many different types of vases on the market, but all of them are quite expensive. Even if you choose something cheaper like jars as your container, the cost will add up quickly. Furthermore, it’s not a very efficient way to dispense them for a sendoff line. To keep your budget in check, there are better sparkler exit accessories for the money available.

Sparkler Tags

Lastly, dressing things up is always a priority for many companies. After all, it’s the little touches at a wedding that make all the difference! For this purpose, one of the most popular options is elegant tags to slip over each sparkler. Sadly, this is overkill for a wedding exit because they just need to be removed before the activity starts. Furthermore, you’ll need a place to discard them all outside which can be an added hassle. To keep things simple and affordable, I suggest you skip the sparkler tags for a sendoff.

Other Considerations When Choosing Sparkler Exit Accessories

Like anything else involved in planning a wedding, it’s important to step back and look at the big picture ahead of time. It can be easy to get tunnel vision when shopping for your sparkler exit accessories, but that’s just one aspect to think about. Additionally, choosing the right sparklers for weddings is important to your overall experience. Furthermore, rehearing the activity and testing things out in advance will help you yield the best results. As long as you pay attention to every aspect of the sendoff, you’re sure to have a great experience. Good luck and thanks for reading!