Wedding Cake IcingFor most couples, the icing on their wedding cake is the least of their concerns. With all the other things going on at the wedding and all details that need to be planned out to perfection, something as passive as icing can easily be overlooked. However, if you are like most soon-to-be-married couples, you certainly don’t want to have any regrets when it comes to your cake. Furthermore, the frosting you choose can effect much more than just the way the cake looks because each will have its own flavor and “mouth feel” that can quickly make your wedding cake either too sweet or too rich in a big hurry. Fortunately, there are some things you can keep in mind when choosing your wedding cake frosting that will help you get exactly what’s right for your celebration.


Fondant is a very popular choice for all sorts of cakes, but it has been used specifically for wedding cake icing for quite a few years now. One of the biggest perks of using fondant is that it looks very clean and uniform once the frosting has fully set. Like other types of frosting, fondant is fully edible but will also look much more elegant than other type of icings that are commonly used for wedding cakes. In fact, it is common for a variety of types of important celebrations.

Adding Flavors

Adding flavors to your frosting is a great way to get the exact taste you want, but there are popular choices. Most recognizably, people are familiar with brand-specific flavors such as buttercream or royal icing; but there are also several other options out there. You can add a twist of lemon or orange to your frosting, or even some fresh berry flavors to give it some real character. You can choose either adding fresh fruit flavors if the cake will be frosted close to your wedding date, or you can use extracts if it will be prepared well in advance.

Color Choices

The color you choose for your wedding cake icing is almost as important as the flavor of the frosting. In fact, it’s fascinating how they add color to items! Though the most common choice is to stick with something simple like white or pink, you shouldn’t be afraid to explore the idea of something a little more exciting. Choosing a richly colored fondant or frosting can really make your cake stand out, and it can also make it blend into your wedding colors a little better. Color choice is particularly important if you are adding flavor to your icing such as yellow for lemon flavoring or red for berry flavoring. The human brain associates flavors with colors, so making them line up correctly can be crucial to the eating experience.

Ice According to Type

The type of icing you choose for your wedding cake should be paired based on the type of cake you choose. For instance, if you choose a cake that has more an angel food type of feel, you’ll want to stick with more of a whipped type frosting. If you go with a denser cake, then you can go with a frosting that is a little denser too. Just keep in mind the cake and icing combination when making your final decision about what you’re choosing.