Whether you’re having an indoor wedding or you just want your photos to turn out crystal clear, smokeless wedding sparklers are an excellent choice. The last thing you want is a cloud of smoke to make your wedding pictures look dull and hazy, so they are a great choice even for outdoor events. But can a sparkler burn without smoke? And do I really need to worry about using a smokeless wedding sparkler? Here is everything that you need to know to make an informed decision.

What are Smokeless Wedding Sparklers?

There are two main factors that go into smokeless wedding sparklers. The first factor is that they burn in the color gold without any added color pigments. The powder that manufacturers add to make a sparkler burn in various colors like red, green, or blue produce a lot of smoke as it burns. Sparklers that have no color pigments naturally burn in the color gold, and they yield a clean smokeless burn for the entire duration.

The second factor is that they are made using a steel wire handle. Cheap wedding sparklers that are made using a wood or bamboo handle will smolder and create ash that will pump out a hefty amount of smoke. Steel wire handles won’t produce either of those things, and that means a cleaner burn without all the additional byproduct.

Best Uses for Smokeless Wedding Sparklers

Though smokeless wedding sparklers are a great choice for any type of use, there are two areas where they really shine. Here are details about the two uses that are best impacted by choosing a smokeless wedding sparkler.

Wedding Photos

Whether your wedding will take place indoors or outdoors, having your sparkler burn without smoke will make your photos as crisp and clean as possible. Though the benefits will be most noticed in your indoor photos, there will still be a huge improvement for outdoor photo shoots as well. This is particularly true if you are planning to have a lot of sparklers burning at the same time in a fairly tight space.

Send-Off Lines

Choosing a smokeless sparkler to use during your send-off line is also a huge benefit. Though wedding exits go by many different names, the activity is always the same. Typically, a send-off line will consist of 100 or more guests, and that’s a lot of sparklers burning all at once! Choosing smokeless wedding sparklers will make it easy to breathe and make the photos look amazing. Additionally, the steel wire handle will prevent ashes or hot embers from burning your tuxedo or dress as you make your exit.

Different Types of Smokeless Wedding Sparklers

Though the criteria for smokeless wedding sparklers is quite straight-forward, there are three main sizes available. Each size is ideal for certain uses and those details are outlined below.

10 Inch Sparklers

10 inch smokeless wedding sparklers are by far the most affordable option, but they have a few limitations due to their short length. They are acceptable for send-off lines and photos if you have 25 or less guests at your wedding. Otherwise, they are best suited for uses as favors or centerpieces.

20 Inch Sparklers

20 inch smokeless wedding sparklers are an ideal mix of length and cost. Where they really shine is when they’re used in photos. Their shorter length makes them easy to handle when writing shapes in the air. However, they also burn for a significant length of time to capture a great image. They are also perfect for send-off lines if you plan on 100 guests or less participating.

36 Inch Sparklers

36 inch smokeless wedding sparklers are the biggest, longest, and most spectacular option. They work for a variety of photo scenarios. However, they can be a little difficult to handle compared to a shorter version. However, they are by far the best choice for send-off lines; particularly for larger weddings with 150 or more guests.

Where to Buy Smokeless Wedding Sparklers

We previously covered where to buy wedding sparklers in great detail, but shopping for a smokeless option can be more challenging. Obviously, we offer them through our online store, but many couples prefer to buy them locally. If you’re opposed to ordering them online, make sure you pay attention to the two main criteria outlined before. They must burn gold in color, and they must feature a steel wire handle. You may be able to buy them at your local fireworks or grocery stores; even if they aren’t labeled for use at weddings specifically.

Are These Sparklers Really Smokeless?

This is a bit of a loaded question, because technically anything you light on fire will create some form of smoke. For that reason, some people prefer the term “low smoke sparklers” instead of “smokeless”. When you light a smokeless wedding sparkler, there will certainly be a tiny puff of smoke that is created. However, it is a very negligible amount. After the initial lighting, they burn without creating any noticeable amounts of smoke. So, they are as close to smoke-free as is humanly possible.

No matter how you plan to use them at your wedding, choosing smokeless wedding sparklers is always your best option. They are beneficial in both indoor and outdoor weddings, and they can really enhance your photos. Just make sure you buy the correct size for your needs. Also, check that they meet all of the basic criteria to be smokeless. Not only will they outperform other types of wedding sparklers that are available, but your guests will thank you for keeping the air fresh around them.