Safely Transporting Sparklers for your Wedding imageWhen your wedding day finally arrives and you need to transport your wedding sparklers to the venue, a lot of brides stop to consider the safety concerns of transporting flammable objects. Transporting sparklers and fireworks needs to be taken seriously. Additionally, you don’t want the sparklers to get damaged while they’re being transported, so knowing how to properly secure them is a primary concern as well. Fortunately, transporting sparklers for your wedding in a car is the same as any other type of fireworks, and it’s actually very safe if you follow some basic safety tips. Here are some tips that will help you with transporting sparklers to your wedding without any issues.

6 Tips for Transporting Sparklers Safely

  1. Never drive with fireworks of any sort in the passenger area of your car. If something were to happen such as a car accident, having fireworks in the car will become another variable to contend with. Even though transporting sparklers and other types of fireworks is inherently safe, they are still flammable and add additional risk in the event of an accident. If you have a passenger car, transporting sparklers in your trunk is the safest option. If you have a truck, transport the wedding sparklers in your truck bed and make sure they are secure. If it’s an SUV, place them in the rear cargo area and make sure they are secure.
  2. Never light sparklers and hold them out the window as you drive. I’ve seen this too many times, and once it led to a big problem. One of the people dropped their burning wedding sparkler by accident and it lit some nearby leaves on fire. Luckily we got it under control quickly, but you still get the point. Wedding sparklers and other fireworks are meant to be transported safely, to be used while in transit.
  3. Never transport fireworks loose; also make sure they are in a container that is resistant to sparks. The best choice is a plastic tote for your sparklers because of their durable construction, but a cardboard box from the fireworks store or the one that your wedding sparklers were packed and shipped in are spark resistant and suitable for transport. Plus, this keeps all of the fireworks in one place so it’s a controlled transport and you don’t need to clean up a big mess.
  4. Keep your fireworks out of direct sunlight. Obviously, direct sunlight isn’t going to cause the tips of your wedding sparklers to light up and start burning. However, keeping them as cool as possible while you’re transporting sparklers is just good practice. On top of that, the UV rays can lighten the ink on the packaging over time and cause them to look faded and old. If you’re putting them in the bed of your truck, cover them with a tarp; and obviously keep them inside a box or tote.
  5. Never smoke around your wedding sparklers. This one should be obvious, but you’d be surprised. The only time you can safely smoke while transporting sparklers for your wedding is if they are in your trunk. If you’re in an SUV or pickup truck, you shouldn’t press your luck.
  6. Lastly, though this has been covered in another post, fireworks are not allowed aboard aircraft by regulation. This includes small fireworks like wedding sparklers. This means that you can’t take them with you when you fly, nor can you ship them in any manner that involves air transportation.

Key Takeaways About Safely Transporting Sparklers

Hopefully, safely transporting sparklers for your wedding will be an easy task by following these simple tips. As I said before, transporting sparklers is incredibly safe to begin with, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stack the odds in your favor. Thanks for reading everybody, and I hope you have a beautiful wedding celebration!