For most people, sparklers are not an extraordinary expense. However, certain occasions can require enough of them to really add up quickly. Obviously, you need quite a few of them for a wedding; which is why knowing where to buy sparklers near you is so important. However, imagine you’re a wedding planner or a venue owner that goes through thousands of them per month. Not surprisingly, I have people asking me about reusable sparklers all the time. So, I decided to put everything I know in to one concise post. Here’s what you want to know.

Are Reusable Sparklers a Real Thing?

Generally speaking, it really isn’t possible to make a reusable sparkler in the traditional sense. Unfortunately, once the pyrotechnic slurry used on them is spent, there is nothing left to create the sparkles. That’s why the vast majority of products on the market are disposable by design. However, there are some cunning new items out there that create the same effect in different ways. Here are a few types of reusable sparklers that are available; at least the closest things you can find.

Who Benefits from Reusable Sparklers?

As I mentioned, most people will never need to consider reusable options. If you just use them at backyard parties, buying the regular disposable versions will suit you just fine. However, there are a few different situations where reusable sparklers may be the best choice. Here is a shortlist of candidates for them.

  • Wedding planners who recommend them often.
  • Ceremony and reception venue owners that allow their use.
  • Couples planning a large wedding as a cost-savings measure.
  • Parents concerned about the safety of their children when using traditional sparklers.
  • Sparkler enthusiasts who use them quite frequently and want to save money.

No matter which category you fall into, you can make life a lot easier and save a bunch of cash by choosing a reusable option. However, you’ll need to make sure you find an alternative that will work in your situation; which I will cover in the next section.

Types of Reusable Sparklers

Image of LED Wedding SparklersOverall, there are 3 products on the market that I would consider “reusable”. Additionally, there are some homemade options that you could consider as well. Here is a breakdown of each product so you can weigh the options before making your purchase.

LED Sparklers

The most obvious replacement for traditional sparklers would be something involving lights. Fortunately, that exact product already exists; and they are called LED sparklers. The name describes them precisely; though they more closely resemble a wand. They feature multiple lighting patterns for strobe effects that simulate sparks. Optionally, the lights can flash in sequence or stay on all the time. Though they won’t spray sparks everywhere, they will create the same feeling in a much safer way.

Electric Sparklers

There is a new concept that is sweeping the industry, and it has a lot of cool perks over traditional concepts. They are called electric sparklers, and they won’t disappoint you whatsoever. Unexpectedly, the sparks they create are cool to the touch and 100% safe in any situation. Additionally, you can just flip a switch on and they will keep going until you want them to stop. However, the machines are incredibly expensive; sometimes several thousands of dollars for just one! Furthermore, the sparks are clearly different since they are created from electrical arcing similar to a welder. However, if you want the ultimate reusable sparkler, this is your best option.

Fireworks Light Show Toy

Image of the Fireworks Light Show in my Room ToyLastly, who could forget the wonderful world of children’s toys? Typically, toys are not a great source of usefulness. However, in this particular instance, there is one that may be of great help. The Fireworks Light Show in My Room toy is a surprisingly cool concept that can serve as an alternative to reusable sparklers. It sort of looks like a cannon, but it projects various fireworks images on surfaces like walls and ceilings. Additionally, it plays cool fireworks sounds when you click a button out of its built-in speakers. While it’s not the same as hot sparks flying from a stick, it is much safer and can potentially serve in multiple situations.

Homemade Options and Other Ways to Save Money

Of course, there are also a whole slew of home-brewed concepts that may be right up your alley. I wouldn’t necessarily call these “reusable”, but they are super simple and can save you a ton of money.

First, there is a classic homemade sparkler recipe that can be made from various household items. Make no mistake; these are not going to be very spectacular. However, they are a great option if you are on a budget or want a fun activity to do with the kids.

Lastly, you can create the closest thing to a homemade reusable sparkler by crushing up store-bought sparklers. If you crush up the powder, you can use a wooden skewer or stick and coat the outside with it. Hopefully, the powder will create a show and you can just re-dip it over and over again. It’s not exactly ideal, but it will create the sense of a new experience each time you re-coat.

The Verdict on Reusable Sparklers

As I mentioned, it is simply impossible to make a legitimate option. However, there are plenty of creative solutions and products to fill the gap between your fantasies and what’s physically possible. If money is no object, the ultimate choice is an electric sparkler machine. However, a more practical option for the average consumer is LED wedding sparklers because they are affordable and work reliably. No matter what you choose, the important thing is the feeling that you’re trying to create. Whether you use real wedding sparklers or one of these alternatives, you will have a fantastic experience that everyone will adore.