Most people spend the hot summer days through August to have fun in the sun and on the water. Additionally, it’s a common time to take a well-earned family vacation. Typically, people mark the “end” of summer as soon as they have finished celebrating Labor Day. However, the actual time that the season changes to autumn much later in the month. In fact, releasing sky lanterns for the Fall Equinox is a popular activity across the country. But why would you bother releasing them on this day? What the heck is the equinox, anyways? All will be explained in this guide.

What is the Fall Equinox?

Image of Fall Equinox on Earth from SpaceTo understand this trend, it’s important to understand the equinox itself. There are actually two equinoxes per year; one in spring and one in the fall. They mark the two times when both day and night are equally all over the world. This happens because the sun’s rays are perpendicular with the Earth’s equator. The word “equinox” derives from a Latin word that translates to “equal night”. So, since they are rare occasions that precede the Earth entering different phases of its orbit, they are a great time to celebrate. That’s where our products have become a vibrant trend.

What is the Significance of Releasing Sky Lanterns for the Fall Equinox?

One notion that a lot of people embrace is that the fall equinox is a time for renewal. Just as spring represents new life, autumn also has a deeper meaning; it represents maturity and adulthood. As such, many people feel a very special bond with our planet during this time. There are many ways that people choose observe this special day, and several of those ideas involve sky lanterns.

Overall, the majority of people using our products write messages on the outside before letting them go. For this purpose, either green or yellow sky lanterns are the perfect option. They match the colors of the season, and they are easy to write messages on. Most people write things they want to let go from the previous year or frustrations they aim to correct moving forward. However, you can add any message or doodle that you like; the sky is literally the limit!

Tips for Making the Most of Your Experience

Before you head out to the store and make a purchase, you should take the time to have a solid plan together. If you are a “seasoned” veteran at this, you already know what to do. However, most people are just getting their feet wet in the world of using sky lanterns for the fall equinox. To help, here are a few handy tips to get the most out of your experience.

Choose the Right Product

First off, you need to have the right lanterns for the job. There are many different brands, shapes, sizes, and colors available. However, the best option for this type of situation is the large sky lanterns like the ones we sell on our website. They will provide ample space to write whatever messages you like before the launch. Additionally, they are the most visible as the float into the distance. Lastly, they don’t create any unnecessary distractions like shooting star sky lanterns which are a bit overwhelming. If you stick with the classics, you’ll never be disappointed!

Release Them in Pairs

Image of People Releasing a Sky Lantern TogetherOf course, when you use a large version, it can be a bit tougher to set them up and get them in the air. Additionally, there is something about releasing sky lanterns for the fall equinox in pairs that adds to the experience. Shared experiences are often our favorite memories; so pairing up will just be an enhancement. Trust me; it’s a lot easier to puff them up, hold them in the air, and get them lit when you have two sets of hands.

Have a Good Ignition Source

Lastly, you need to have a way to get things lit fast and without complications. There are several items you can choose ranging from some matches to a handheld butane cigarette lighter. However, I strongly suggest you choose an ignition source that is fast and creates a very hot flame so it lights the fuel cell instantaneously. Sky lanterns aren’t very stable until they are filled with warm air; so time is of the essence for a stress-free launch. Consider a handheld butane torch to make your life easier. As a bonus, you’ll have a high quality lighter laying around for all sorts of future uses!

Is it Legal to Use Them in My Area?

Another major factor to consider before you decide to take this route is the legal ramifications. Depending on where you live, aerial fireworks may be outlawed. Technically, sky lanterns are considered “novelties” and are not really fireworks. However, some states and municipalities may lump them in or have specific guidelines for their appropriate uses. Generally speaking, they should be allowed in most of the United States. But, before you make too many plans, you need to check your state laws to see if they are legal or outlawed for your area.

Is Releasing Sky Lanterns for the Fall Equinox the Best Idea?

Not as many people observe the autumnal equinox with as much vigor and pizzazz as they do with other holidays. Obviously, some people are very connected to the changing seasons and will embrace it on many levels. However, the average person is likely to overlook this event all together. In my opinion, this is because it falls on a different day of the week each year; and rarely does it happen to be on the weekend. In my experience, weekend events are more popular unless they are a national holiday.

Nevertheless, I always challenge people to embrace every moment they can. For me, releasing sky lanterns for the fall equinox is more than just a fun activity; it cleanses my soul and prepares me for the chillier months ahead. Hopefully, this guide has inspired you to try it for yourself. Good luck and thanks for reading!