As the popularity of wooden roses has grown, so has the availability of custom color wooden roses. While there are many great color choices out there, one of the most popular choices for weddings is red wooden roses. Red is by far the most popular color for anything on planet Earth. It is the choice color of over 32% of all automobiles in the United States alone! However, the color red has a rich history. Furthermore, it’s considered by many to be of significant symbolism for wedding ceremonies. Here are some reasons to consider red wooden roses at your celebration.

Red Wooden Roses imageThe History and Meaning of the Color Red

Since the invention of dyes, red has required a fixative to maintain an insoluble pigment that won’t fade, bleed, or run. To achieve this, Henna and Madder were combined with aluminum and potassium to create the first red dye. It was much paler and less intense than the reds we know and love today. However, this was the first successful attempt of making a red dye and it just grew from there.

More relevant to weddings, Louis the XV’s fashion-forward mistress, Madame de Pompadour, grew to love the color red nearly 50 years Louis the XIV’s famous red heels shaped the fashion movement in France. Soon after, nearly every room she had access to was decorated with rich red fabrics from sofas to bed linens. She maintained that there was no color more tranquil than red. Additionally, she declared it to be the official color of comfort. Though not everyone loves the color, it certainly has remained very popular.

Why Choose Red Wooden Roses?

So when you decorate with red wooden roses for your wedding, it is said to represent a comfortable and peaceful joining of two similar spirits. Consider using them in your bridal bouquet or in your centerpieces.What could possibly be better fort this type of celebration? Best of all, they pair perfectly with our purple wooden roses!

Remember, these are a great addition to your celebration! They compliment our wedding sparklers perfectly, and they work great in centerpieces.