Reasons you Shouldn't use Wedding Sparklers ImageProbably the last thing you expect to hear from us is that there reasons you shouldn’t use wedding sparklers on your special day, but that’s precisely what I’m about to say. As the largest retailer of wedding sparklers in the United States, we have helped more brides create a sparkling wonderland for their ceremony or reception than any other company. With all of that experience, we’ve heard some pretty great success stories and, obviously, a few drawbacks to using our products. We’ve looked through our most common questions and comments. Here are a few reasons you shouldn’t use wedding sparklers as part of your celebration.

Too Dazzling

The first complaint we’ve received is that the wedding sparklers look to wonderful next to the bride and groom which draws attention away from the main attraction. If you don’t want there to be other things going on around you, you shouldn’t use wedding sparklers.

Too Memorable

Some couples complain that five years down the road they have a large anniversary party and all their guests can talk about is how much fun it was using sparklers at the wedding. No compliments on the wedding dress or about how dashing the groom looked; sparklers overshadowed the entire event.

Favorite Photos

Most of the time, the big kiss picture is the most popular and in demand. However, some couples complain that guests want pictures of themselves using their sparklers rather than pictures of the bride and groom.

Sword Fights

Many couples are concerned that some of their guests will use their sparklers for sword fighting purposes. Usually this ends up being an inebriated uncle rather than older kids like you’d expect, but still some people are a little afraid of this happening.

Staying Too Late

Every wedding reception has got to end at some point, right? Well, some couples complain that after using wedding sparklers, their guests were having such a great time that they never wanted to leave. Looks like you’re going to skip your honeymoon, I guess.


Many people used to throw rice at weddings, and now that people use sparklers instead, it could have the unintended side effect of running local rice farmers out of business. If you are invested in rice commodities, this could be one of the best reasons you shouldn’t use wedding sparklers.

Environmental Reasons you Shouldn’t use Wedding Sparklers

Since genuine wedding sparklers don’t contain pigments or perchlorates, they don’t pose any real dangers to the environment. However, if you’re using them instead of throwing birdseed, your local bird population will need to make due with a meal from somewhere else.

Obviously, most of these reasons you shouldn’t use wedding sparklers are sarcastic and meant as an attempt at humor. Truth be told, there are very few real reasons you shouldn’t use wedding sparklers as long as they are allowed at your venue. Over the last 10 years, we’ve received positive feedback about their experiences from 99.9% of our customers, and we’ve never genuinely heard of one good reason you shouldn’t use wedding sparklers over all of those years.