Sparkler Safety Clips imageWith so many couples using bottle sparklers at their wedding reception to highlight their champagne ceremony, figuring out how to attach several sparklers to bottles can be a bit of a challenge. Using some creativity, brides and grooms came up with all sorts of interesting ways to attach their bottle sparklers including transparent tape, rubber bands, bent paperclips, and even tying them on the champagne bottles using extra wedding ribbons. Wedding receptions aren’t the only place where attaching bottle sparklers has been difficult; the same issues have plagued bar and nightclub owners that use them for their premium bottle service or birthday celebrations. Fortunately, we now offer bottle sparkler safety clips to make the job easier and much less dangerous.

Added Safety

The biggest perk of using bottle sparklers safety clips instead of the other DIY methods we discussed above is safety. Though you can usually get away with using tape or rubber bands without any serious issues, the sparks from the bottle sparklers can coincidentally fall onto whatever you’re using to keep it secured and melt through it. Since most people are using their bottle sparklers indoors, this can result in an uncontrolled sparkler zinging around on the floor. Using sparklers safety clips ensures this will never happen and that there won’t be a fire or an injury caused by your sparklers from being improperly secured.

Sparkler Safety Clips are Easy to Use

Another good reason to pick up some bottle sparkler safety clips is that they are very easy to use. Simply clip the larger side onto the neck of a bottle and slide a sparkler into the smaller side and you’re ready to go. When you light the top of the bottle sparkler, it will stay steady and secure while you hold the flame up to it making the process of getting it lit much simpler. When the sparkler is all done and completely out, you can discard it in a bucket of water and keep the safety clip to reuse for next time.

Sparkler Safety Clips Improve Appearance

Sparkler safety clips look much neater and more professional than tape or rubber bands. This is really important if you’re using them at your wedding because you don’t want things to look cheap. Even more important is the appearance of your bottle sparklers in a bar or nightclub environment because the whole point is to make the buyer feel special and justified in spending the extra money to get the fancy bottle service. By using bottle sparkler safety clips to present your sparklers it will look professional from start to finish and eliminate many of the risks associated with using them in the first place.