Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding

Destination WeddingThere are many great reasons that someone can think of to choose a destination wedding over something more traditional, but not always will you find the reason so obvious. Though planning a destination wedding will appeal to different couples for different reasons, here are some very popular reasons that couples choose somewhere away from home to tie the knot.

Fantasy Location

Many people have spent a lot of time thinking about their dream wedding and every single detail about it. One of the most basic parts of planning a wedding is choosing a location, and if you’ve pictured a beautiful setting that looks nothing like the area of the country you live in then a destination wedding might be right up your ally. For instance, if you live in a Midwestern state, having and authentic beach wedding is simply out of the question unless you travel to the ocean. If you have a certain concept in mind that is just begging for an authentic venue, choosing a destination wedding is probably worth considering.

Dispersed Friends and Family

One of the biggest problems the couples face when they plan their wedding is that all their friends and family members may live in different corners of the country. Your grandparents may live in Oregon, your sister in Texas, and your best college friends all the way over in Boston. This type of dispersed friends and family can lead to some major planning headaches, or you can turn it into a benefit by choosing a destination wedding. With a destination wedding, everyone (including you) has to make the trip to the location for the ceremony so nobody feels put out. Also, if you have older grandparents or family that cannot travel because of health reasons, you may want to consider bringing your wedding to them as your final destination.

Not Too Traditional

We have all been to the so-called “traditional” wedding ceremony with the chapel, reception hall, and hotel settings. While there is certainly nothing wrong with a traditional style wedding, that type of setting is just not right for everyone. If you are looking to break the monotony and do something a little more unique for your ceremony, then a destination wedding might be right for you.

Easier Planning

Many people are just way too busy with their jobs or daily life to have time to devote to properly planning a wedding. Between running out and shopping to booking all the venues and vendors, the job of planning a wedding is not for the faint of heart. By choosing a destination wedding, you can make things a whole lot easier on yourself. Most venues that are in desirable location offer package deals that are essentially “turnkey”, so all you have to do is book it and show up and the rest of the details are handled for you.

Lower Costs

Okay, depending on where you’re going, a destination wedding may or may not cost less than having a traditional wedding. However, most people who will be attending your destination wedding will likely be expecting to cover the majority of their own costs. Also, since not everyone can take off work or afford the traveling expenses, destination weddings tend to be much smaller and more intimate. This means that you will need to supply less food at your reception and less alcohol at the open bar, which in the end is sure to save you a tremendous amount of money. Additionally, since most destination wedding venues come as part of a prearranged package deal, they will have all the flowers, decorations, and other things all setup for you so you won’t have to spend any additional money out of pocket for the little things that add up quickly.

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