There are many reasons that some people prefer quiet fireworks over ones that make noise. Perhaps you have dogs or small children that don’t like the noise. Perhaps you have neighbors that like to complain. Whatever the reason, choosing a noiseless firework doesn’t have to be a letdown.

Though there are a variety of different noiseless fireworks available, by far the reigning king is the sparkler. Sparklers show up everywhere these days. Besides the 4th of July, they make sparklers for weddings, New Year’s Eve, and ones that attach to bottles. You can even put sparklers on your birthday cake instead of candles! But what is that really makes sparklers the quiet firework supreme champion?

Why Sparklers are the King of Quiet Fireworks

First off, sparklers are the most readily available item out there. That already gives them a huge leg up, in all fairness. But beyond that, sparklers are absolutely silent and give you a great show on a small budget. Additionally, you can do sparklers almost anywhere. That makes them ideal for small backyards, weddings, or other events. Here are a few things that you can do with sparklers when only quiet fireworks are able to be used.

4th of July in a Quiet Neighborhood

If you have crabby neighbors in a quiet neighborhood, sometimes keeping things silent is necessary. Also, young children and dogs may make loud noises mot an option. Noiseless sparklers should silent enough for even the pickiest onlookers.

Sparklers at Weddings

Many people use sparklers at their wedding, and sometimes they are held indoors or near public areas. Using anything that makes noise would probably not be allowed or practical. However, you should be able to light your 20 inch wedding sparklers pretty much anywhere you like without creating a disturbance that anyone can hear.

Bottle Service

Many bars and nightclubs use bottle sparklers to attract more customers. This can potentially lead to an increase in sales for bottle service packages. You can even get special safety clips to keep them attached to the neck of your bottles. Best of all, they are silent so they won’t disturb your other patrons.

Quiet Fireworks: Sparklers on a Cake imageCake Decorations

There are special sparklers that are designed to place on top of cakes. They are most commonly used on birthday cakes, but they can also be used on wedding cakes. Since most cakes are served indoors, having something noiseless is a huge benefit. Whether it’s a birthday or a wedding, cake sparklers will keep everyone’s eardrums intact.

New Year’s Eve

If you live in a small apartment, host a crowded party, or own a packed bar for New Year’s Eve, using quiet fireworks for the celebration is a must. Your apartment neighbors don’t want to hear a bunch of loud noises at midnight. Additionally, your friends or patrons don’t want to go deaf. Do yourself a favor and stick to the basics.

Other Types of Quiet Fireworks

Of course, there are more options for quiet fireworks beyond just sparklers. Let’s go over a few of the classics so you can get the show that you want.

Smoke Balls/Tubes

One of the most loved novelty items ever is the smoke ball or smoke tube. Not only are they fun, but they are also completely silent! The downside is that they create a TON of smoke, so they aren’t suitable for indoor use. You probably don’t want to use them at a wedding either!

Black Snakes

Black snakes are another quiet firework that everyone loves. They are very simple to use and enjoy. Just place a black pellet on a scrap piece of plywood. Light the top of the pellet and a large foam-like “snake” made from ash will grow in front of your eyes! They are also available in color versions. Best of all, they make virtually no sound at all.


Sometimes called “flashing signals”, strobes do exactly what they claim in the name. They pulse flashes of bright light over and over again. And while they are definitely quiet fireworks, they create such a bright flash that they are almost a nuisance. Save these for the 4th of July only!

Certain Fountains

This is about as big as you can get if you love quiet fireworks. Fountains shoot sparks into the air from their stationary positions on the ground. They are capable of many different effects and colors, and they last a wide variety of time periods. If you can find one that is designed to be noiseless, you can get quite the show without any of the loud sounds.

Sky Lanterns

For something different and yet silent, you can’t go wrong with sky lanterns. While you may argue that they aren’t really a “firework”, they are most certainly silent. There are many great uses for sky lanterns at weddings, graduations, and more. If you want to do something memorable without any noise, sky lanterns are a great option as well.

Sparklers vs. Other Noiseless Fireworks

Though there are other options available, long sparklers are the items that give you the most versatility. With the exception of sky lanterns, most of the other items have no purpose at a wedding. They will work great for the 4th of July or maybe even a birthday party, but not for all applications. For that reasons, I say that sparklers are the reigning king of quiet fireworks.

As you can see, you can still get a great firework experience even if you hate noise. Between the versatility of sparklers and the other noiseless items, you can find a way to incorporate quiet fireworks into almost any type of celebration.