Purple Wooden Roses imageWooden roses are available in several different custom colors, which can make it challenging to choose the color that’s right for your wedding. More and more people are choosing to use wooden roses at their wedding rather than traditional real roses. That means the availability and color options are becoming increasingly vast. One in particular is growing in popularity, purple wooden roses.

Purple is emerging as one of the top color choices for wedding décor and bridesmaid dresses. Purple or violet blends well with many other wedding colors. this includes white and pink, making it a great addition to the color pool. Adding more colors can break up to monotony of the standard formal wedding attire and color scheme. The color purple also has a rich history. Additionally, is considered by many to be of significant symbolism for wedding ceremonies.

The History and Meaning of Purple

Originally, purple as we know it started out as Tyrian purple. It was extracted from a mollusk found on and near the shores of the city of Tyre in ancient Phoenicia (Lebanon in present day). Because of the painstaking labor and increasing rarity of these mollusks, the purple dyes which they derived from their shells quickly became a symbol of royalty. That is due to the fact that only the wealthy and elite could afford the hefty price tag. This is where the name “Imperial Purple” was created.

The first known usage of Imperial Purple dates back to the era of the Minoan Civilization. There is a whole list of royalty who wore Imperial Purple. It includes Alexander the Great, the emperor of the Seleucid Empire, and the kings of Ptolemaic Egypt. Even the imperial robes for Roman emperors were Imperial Purple; as well as the badge of office for a Roman Senator.

Why Choose Purple Wooden Roses?

More relevant to weddings, purple is said to be a symbol of good tidings and wishes for prosperity. So when you decorate with purple wooden roses at your wedding, it is said to represent a wealth, love, and good health for the bride and groom as they begin their lives together.

Remember, these are a great addition to your celebration! They compliment our wedding sparklers perfectly, and they work great in centerpieces.