Each wedding is unique, and the type of sparklers you choose should fit your theme. There is a wide variety of products available these days, so you have no shortage of options to help you customize your special day. One of the most popular options is heart shaped sparklers because they offer a romantic spin on traditional versions. However, there are certain pros and cons of heart sparklers at weddings, and it’s important to understand them before you make a purchase. So, I’ve put together this list to help you make the right selection. Here’s what you need to know.

Pros of Heart Sparklers at Weddings

You probably understand how our products work already, but there are some key specifics to heart versions. Here is a brief overview of when you should consider them for your event. Additionally, I will talk about the specific activities and purposes where they really shine.

Romantic Appearance

Obviously, the fact that these are shaped like hearts is probably their best asset. If you want the ultimate display of romance, hearts are the perfect symbol. The performance will be similar to traditional wedding sparklers. However, these ones look much nicer while sitting on a table or in your centerpiece vases. As far as appearance, there is no other version that can compare to heart sparklers at weddings.

Performance Duration

Since these last for around 1 ½ minutes, they have plenty of performance duration for most activities. However, duration should not be the only factor you consider when choosing which sparklers you want to purchase. Nevertheless, knowing the duration is crucial and these are some of the longest-lasting options out there.

How They Perform

Another benefit to choosing this item is the way that it performs. Rather than burning in a straight line, it follows the shape of the heart. The sparkles will proceed in both directions at once, which will create a very unique effect. If you are looking forward to the photos, you can take some really great pictures with heart shaped sparklers. Meanwhile, everyone at the reception will be in awe of the magnificent performance! No other version performs like these, so you are getting a really cool addition to your celebration.

Ideal Uses for Heart Sparklers at Weddings

Personally, I think there are three ways of using heart sparklers at weddings that really stand out from the rest. First off, they are a fantastic centerpiece item! When mixed in with flowers, candy, or other items, the romantic shape adds an elegant touch. Second, I love to use them as wedding favors. They look so adorable that guests will cherish them the moment they’re received. Lastly, they are really great props for candid photos! Regardless of anything else, the shape alone informs the viewer that the photo is from a wedding. They can be used for so many other purposes, but these three are my personal favorites.

Other Features and Benefits

Additionally, I think it is worth mentioning some of the other great features and benefits of this item. First off, they are a great choice for a variety of situations other than weddings. For instance, they are a great option for sweet sixteen’s, birthday parties, and anniversaries. Additionally, they can be a cool present to give to your Valentine! Sparklers are used for all sorts of events, and heart sparklers work excellent in certain situations.

Cons of Heart Sparklers at Weddings

Image of a Couple Drawing a Heart in a Photo with SparklersConversely, there are a few drawbacks to choosing heart sparkler for weddings that you should be made aware of. Though they are great “stand-ins” for traditional designs, there are some scenarios when they should be avoided. Here is a breakdown of their cons so you can make an informed decision.

Cost per Sparkler

Unfortunately, the charm and elegance of this item comes at a slightly higher cost compared to other versions. If you wanted to find a traditional version that lasts just as long, they would cost about half the price. For many couples, getting the best value will rule out this particular product for their event. However, if you are trying to complete your theme, there is no substitute for their design.

More Difficult to Light

Another drawback of these sparklers is that they are more difficult to light than other versions. Since they have bends in their shape, the sparkling compounds are much thicker and more time-consuming to ignite. However, if you have the correct torch lighters for your sparklers, they will still light easily. It’s important to factor in the time they will take to light so you can plan your activities accordingly.

Activities to Avoid When Using Heart Sparklers at Weddings

Sadly, there are a few activities where their design makes things more difficult. Since they take longer to light, they are not a great choice for send-off lines or wedding exits. If you are including 20 guests or fewer, it probably won’t be an issue. However, if you are incorporating a larger guest list, you may run out of time. Additionally, using them to “write” shapes in the air is completely out of the question. Due to the unique way they burn in both directions, it can make it difficult to capture good shapes in photos.

Should I Choose Heart Shaped Sparklers?

In the end, whether or not this design is the right fit depends on what activities you have planned. There are many times when heart shaped sparklers are the best choice. However, I’ve also laid out the case for times when they are less than the ideal choice. They perform best when they are used in centerpieces or as photo props, and that is when they should be considered. However, if you are planning a more traditional activity, it may be best to stick to a more traditional design. Good luck and I hope your celebration is a sparkling success!