Whether you want to biggest ones available or the biggest bang for your buck, 36 inch long sparklers for weddings are the best choice. There is no comparison to the other sizes; they burn bright, create huge sparkles, and never disappoint. However, there are times when long sparklers are not the ideal choice. To help you choose the right sparklers for your wedding, we’ve put together this list of pros and cons. Here’s what you need to know to eliminate any confusion.

Pros of 36 Inch Long Sparklers for Weddings

Though we’ve touched base on a lot of their features, it’s important to discuss specifics. Here is a breakdown of the best things about them that make them a great choice. We will also cover a few of the activities that make them really stand out from the pack.

Image of Large Wedding Sparklers Creating Big EffectsPerformance Duration

The most notable feature of this size is that they are the longest lasting wedding sparklers available. Performing in excess of 3 ½ minutes, you never need to worry about them fizzling out too soon. Additionally, that added duration means you need fewer for your guests; and consequently have fewer items to coordinate!

Effect Size

Besides just lasting longer, this size also creates much larger, brighter, effects. That’s because they are thicker than traditional versions; by over double. On top of that, our products are all triple-dipped for a more consistent and spectacular performance. No other brand or size offers bigger sparkles!

Cost per Sparkler

With the cost of planning a wedding averaging more than most new car prices, saving money is important. While this length is the most expensive option on paper, in practice they are the best value. Shorter versions fizzle out too soon, so you need a few for each guest. When you add up everything, they are simply the best overall value.

Ideal Activity for Long Sparklers

Though some activities don’t require long sparklers, there is one where they take the cake. If you are organizing a sparkler exit at your wedding, there is simply no substitute. First off, the aforementioned duration is a huge plus. Additionally, their length allows your guests to get them high into the air. Lastly, the huge sparkles show up really well in pictures. When you add those factors together, wedding exits are the ideal activity for this size.

Other Benefits

Additionally, there are a few other benefits worth mentioning. First, they are the safest option for children. That’s because the performance happens further away from their face and body. Furthermore, you can stick the long handle into the ground rather than holding it in your hand. That makes it a safe choice, and you can also create full displays from your long sparklers alone.

Cons of 36 Inch Long Sparklers for Weddings

Conversely, there are times when this size isn’t the best option. Though rare, the other available lengths can have their advantages in certain situations. Here is a breakdown of the not-so-great things about them and when they should be avoided. I will also cover a few popular and fun wedding activities where another size may be a better option.

Last Too Long

One potential drawback of choosing long sparklers is that they can last too long for your activity. Though it sounds silly on the surface, sometimes having a version that lasts 3 ½ minutes is a hassle for a 45 second activity. Consider everything extra that you’ll need to do; supply buckets of water for extinguishing them and explaining to your guests why they are awkwardly standing there after the event has concluded. The heat that they produce can also make people uncomfortable. Obviously, you don’t want them to fizzle out too quickly; but try to be realistic about your duration needs.

Steal the Show

Similarly, 36 inch long sparklers for weddings can steal the spotlight and make the bride insecure. Though it’s rare, certain venues aren’t suited for the huge spectacle these produce. It you have low ceilings or are in a cramped venue, choose a smaller option. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much sparkle!

Sparklers in a Jar for a Wedding CenterpieceSituations Where 36 Inch Long Sparklers for Weddings Aren’t Ideal

Additionally, there are several situations where these long versions are not ideal at all. Though they shine during wedding exits, there are certain times where they just aren’t a good fit. For example, if you want to write in the air for pictures, they are simply too large and tedious to maneuver comfortably. Moreover, if you plan to use sparklers in your centerpieces, they are just too long to fit into most vases or jars. Instead, choose a length that is more appropriate to your display vessel. It will look nicer, cost less, and provide just as much fun.

Should I Choose 36 Inch Sparklers?

At the end of the day, the decision on whether to choose 36 inch long sparklers for weddings or a smaller version depends on your needs. If you want to use them for a grand exit, they are always the best choice. However, if you plan to use them differently, there may be a better fit for you. Just be sure to compare the different sizes and be realistic about your needs. If you balance the two properly, you can have an amazing celebration with the perfect accessories.

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