Star Shaped Sparklers for Weddings


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Our star shaped sparklers for weddings are an ideal choice for couples who want something a little more fun. Stars can have many romantic meanings in a ceremony, so they are one of our more popular options.

  • Fun design embraces the “star” in your life.
  • Just as romantic as our heart sparklers.
  • Produces gold colored sparks.
  • Lasts for approximately 1 1/2 minutes each.
  • Gold sparkles and steel wire construction make them virtually smokeless.
  • One or two star sparklers are all you need per guest.


The fun design of our star shaped sparklers for weddings makes them a wonderful choice for your upcoming celebration. Whether you want to highlight the “star” in your life or just inject some whimsy, this design can do it all. Best of all, they look amazing whether they are lit or just sitting on a table!

Star sparklers are different from traditional designs in a few different ways. First, they are much larger in size overall. Additionally, they burn in two directions at once; meaning the performance goes both ways and eventually meets at the bottom. Our star shaped sparklers for weddings are made with a steel wire handle, so they are smokeless.

How Many Do I Need?

The burn time for each star shaped sparkler is approximately 1 1/2 minutes. For weddings with over 100 people, plan on having 1-2 sparklers per guest so there is plenty of sparkler action.

Why Choose Our Star Shaped Sparklers?

Though this shape may not seem as romantic as something like a heart on the surface, it can easily be used as a metaphor. Stars can mean a lot of things, but usually people use them to show off their partner as the “star” in their life. Like all of our high quality wedding sparklers, we source directly from the manufacturer and cherry pick our inventory based on the best quality. When you purchase from our store, you will not only get the very best prices; you’ll get the best product made on Earth. Because of that combination, we can confidently say we offer the best overall value in the business.

Benefits of Star Shaped Sparklers for Weddings

  • Fun star shape is a great addition to any wedding celebration.
  • Creates a unique effect with sparks moving in two directions.
  • Perfect choice for memorable photos individually or as a large group.
  • Manufactured by the same high quality factories as our other options.
  • Priced affordably for couples on a budget.
  • Stable and easy to handle; even for teenagers and young adults.

Best Uses for Star Sparklers

Our star shaped sparklers for weddings can be used in almost any normal sparkler situation, but there are a few areas where they really shine. Here are a few ideas to help you choose the perfect activity for your upcoming celebration.

Wedding Exits

Wedding exits are one of the most common activities you’ll see at this type of event. Though a send-off line is fun on its own, adding in some accessories will only make it better. Typically, people use a long-burning design like our 36 inch wedding sparklers for this purpose. However, if you want something a little more festive, our star shaped versions are right up your alley.

Amazing Centerpieces

Centerpieces are another one of the most popular ways to use our products. Whether you plan to have vases full of flowers or jars filled with candy, star shaped sparklers for weddings can really jazz things up. Simply place a few into your existing design and the whole display is changed. Best of all, it makes it really easy to distribute them for whatever activity you may have planned!

Creative Photographs

Photo props are extremely common to make your photos more interesting. Typically, you’ll see things like oversized sunglasses or feather boas piled in a prop box. However, you can use our products to do the very same thing! Just get your group together, and have everyone light them at the same time. It may take a few tries, but I promise that you’re going to absolutely love the results.

First Kiss or Dance

There are only a few moments during a wedding ceremony that you simply MUST capture for your scrapbook. Two of the most important ones are the first kiss and the first dance. Instead of just taking a pic of the bride and groom, why not include your guests in the photo as well? Just hand out some star shaped wedding sparklers, light them up, and you’ll have pictures that you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

Elegant Cupcake Toppers

Of course, a lot of people like to offer guests cupcakes instead of dealing with slicing up an entire sheet cake. Though you probably already have an elegant cake topper for your main cake, it’s also important to decorate the cupcakes in some fashion. When the cake is large, something like our wedding cake sparklers are probably a better fit. However, for something small like a cupcake, our star shaped sparklers for weddings are a great option.

Wedding Favors

Lastly, you don’t need to plan a major activity in order to use our products at your event. In fact, a lot of couples prefer the idea of just handing them out as favors. Whether you put them in your centerpieces or lay them on the tables, your guests will never forget this type of gift! Best of all, they’ll be free to use them “at large” throughout the reception; and you’re certain to get some very memorable photos!

No matter how you plan to use them at your celebration, these are a great alternative to traditional “stick” sparklers that everyone else uses. If you truly want your partner to feel special, nothing will so that like our star shaped sparklers. When you lay these side-by-side with some of our other versions, I think you’ll agree that they will do the job nicely.

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Box (36 Sparklers), 1/2 Case (108 Sparklers), Full Case (216 Sparklers)

12 reviews for Star Shaped Sparklers for Weddings

  1. Samantha J.

    Bought these for the 4th of July since they are shaped like stars. Great sparklers, fast shipping, and great pricing. I will be ordering from this site again.

  2. Sylvester

    I chose these for our son’s birthday since he loves the Dallas Cowboys. Great quality, no smoke, and the pictures turned out great. Very happy with this purchase.

  3. Stan Roberts

    Cool design.

  4. Doug

    I had no idea you could make sparklers in a unique shape like this. I’ve only ever used straight versions, and these are much more exciting. Kids loved them and I’ll be buying more for our next party.

  5. Eleanore B.

    I love shaped sparklers, so I chose these star ones. Very cool effect!

  6. Danita D.

    These are my new favorite for sparklers for the 4th. The star shape is really patriotic.

  7. Trevor S.

    First time buyer, next time buyer. Awesome.

  8. Phillip W.

    Interesting performance. Never saw one shaped like a star, so I gave them a try. Very cool.

  9. Samuel T.

    Looking forward to using these on the 4th of July.

  10. Lavern Vera

    Used them on the 4th. Kids really loved them.

  11. Jessica V.

    I bought these for my 4th of July cupcakes and they were a hit! I’ll be buying them again for sure.

  12. Cindy T.

    We put one on top of our Christmas tree for the lighting ceremony, and it was amazing. Really great sparklers!

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