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Our refillable butane sparkler torch lighters are the best way to light sparklers for weddings. The intense flame allows you to light them very quickly, and also allows you to light several sparklers at the same time.

  • Creates an intense and powerful flame around 1500°; ideal for lighting them quickly.
  • Refillable and reusable.
  • Allows you to light several wedding sparklers at the same time.

*These torches require butane to operate. Butane is NOT included and must be purchased separately. Color of torches will vary and is random.

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Our refillable butane sparkler torch lighters are hands-down the best way to light our products. There are many different ways to light sparklers, but these torches are by far the easiest and most efficient. Whether you are expecting 20 guests or 200, they will allow you to get everyone lit quickly so you can enjoy your send-off or other chosen activity.

Our sparkler torch lighters are completely reusable; simply refill them with butane and use them over and over. Additionally, the torch tip features a cover to keep the jets clear and maximize portability. Butane is not included.

Benefits of Using Sparkler Torch Lighters

There are several benefits that these torches in comparison to traditional types of lighters. Here is a breakdown of some of their key features.

Completely Reusable and Easy to Fill with Inexpensive Butane

Unlike traditional lighters, this item is reusable over and over! They are easy and inexpensive to refill with regular butane canisters, and the electronic igniter will last for several refills. You will get years of use out of our products, so it’s more of an investment than a purchase.

High Temperature Flame Ignites Items Quickly

To get a sparkler to light quickly, you need a very high temperature heat source. Regular ignition sources generate a flame between 700° and 1200° Fahrenheit. However, the high-flow jets on our torch lighters create temperatures around 1500° F! The instant you touch the tip to this flame, it will be ignited immediately.

Angled Head Design Allows for Easy Lighting

Part of getting things ignited quickly is about placement. Having your thumb right next to a flame can make it difficult to light sparklers because there is no distance or protection between your skin and the sparks. However, the angled head on these lighters allow you to tilt your thumb away from the action for safe lighting.

Allows You to Light Multiple Sparklers Once

The large flame on these sparkler torch lighters makes it easy to light several at once! Depending on the length and type of sparklers that you’ve selected, you can light between 5 and 15 at the same time. We have a photo showing how it works in our gallery above, but the goal is to get all the tips right above the flame.

How Many Do I Need?

Getting your items lit quickly will maximize the amount of time that you can enjoy your activity. Each torch can light approximately 5-15 sparklers at a time, depending on size. So, we suggest 1 lighter per 20 guests at your event.

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Single (1 Torch Lighter), 5 Pack (5 Torch Lighters)

23 reviews for Sparkler Torch Lighters

  1. Cindy

    These torches made it SOOO easy to light multiple sparklers at once. We needed to light over 200 of them for our grand exit, and these got the job done fast. We managed to light 30 sparklers at once per torch! These are your best choice for sure.

  2. Dan

    Got these as part of a sparkler kit. Worked great.

  3. Linda

    Perfect add-on for my order. Much cheaper than at my local tobacco store. Fast shipping.

  4. Shannon S.

    These are the coolest lighters I’ve ever seen! They are much more of a “torch” than a “lighter” as described, and they create a MUCH hotter flame than a regular BIC. Short of getting an actual propane torch, these are the easiest way to light your sparklers.

  5. Charlie T.

    Awesome. That’s all I have to say.

  6. Jared L.

    i don’t think there is any better way to light your sparklers quickly. These torches are like a gift from God.

  7. Helen

    I think you only need like 4 or 5 to do a 150 person wedding. These things really get them done quickly!

  8. Beth Andrews

    These arrived so quickly that I can’t even describe how impressed that I am.

  9. Roger

    These work great for lighting sparklers, but I actually use it for my cigars too. The high temp flame does it super quick and even.

  10. Cecil

    I use these for medicinal purpose… get me bro?

  11. Kenny Swanson

    Best lighter I’ve ever purchased. Wish I bought 5.

  12. Sam

    My new favorite lighter. Great price.

  13. Janice Theis

    The easiest way I’ve found to light sparklers and I’ve been planning wedding for 25 years!

  14. Gregory R.

    Lit the sparklers instantly and now I have a high temp torch for other fun things. Worth the money for sure.

  15. Nils P.

    I was able to light 10 sparklers at a time with this torch. Very impressive.

  16. Arlyn W.

    Very powerful flame to get the job done quick.

  17. Hunt F.

    Very powerful flame and mine came with butane. I was able to light 10 people at once and it’s almost instant.

  18. Winter W.

    Does the job quickly and won’t burn your fingers.

  19. Larry P.

    Mine came filled already. Bonus!

  20. Windy R.

    Easy to use but still safe if you have kids!

  21. Safari R.

    Easy to light and they got the sparklers lit instantly.

  22. Tibby Nikodim

    Easy to light, and the sparklers go right quick.

  23. Stephanie L.

    For fun, we tried some other ways to light our sparklers before the wedding. Trust me, you really want to grab a few of these when you place your order. They do the job effortlessly.

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