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Our high quality sparkler tags are printed on high quality paper; already cut to size, and shipped right to your doorstep. Simply punch a hole in each tag and slide them over your sparklers for a beautiful way to decorate them. These look wonderful in our chalkboard display buckets; which are sold separately.

  • 3 design options to fit your wedding theme and colors.
  • They arrive at your door printed and cut to size; minimizing preparation time.
  • Simply make a hole with a hole punch and slide them over your sparklers.
  • Enhances the appearance of your display.
  • Printed on high quality paper for a professional presentation.

*Includes sparkler tags only; wedding sparklers and display buckets are sold separately. Sparkler tags come WITHOUT holes or slits; use a hole punch or razor to create provisions.

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Our sparkler tags will arrive at your door ready to put on your wedding sparklers. Unlike with our send-off display kits, there’s no need to spend time editing, printing, and cutting your own tags. Instead, these tags only require a small slit or hole provision so you can slide them over your sparklers. *Holes are NOT pre-punched. You must punch holes yourself to accommodate the sparkler size you’ve purchased.

3 Design Options for Your Sparkler Tags

To match your event perfectly, we offer 3 different design options to suit any scenario. First, we have our classic “craft” design. They’re printed on brown card stock with the words “let love sparkle” on them. Additionally, we offer our “white” design with the words “light the way”. Lastly, we have our “black” variation that says “let sparks fly” on them. No matter which option you choose, they will work with any of the traditional sparklers that we sell.

What’s Included and How Does it Work?

You will receive a stack of sparkler tags that are already printed and cut to size. Our tags are printed on high quality paper for a professional appearance that your guests will notice. To decorate your sparklers, simply make a small slit in each tag with a scoring blade so you can slip them over each stick. Optionally, you can use a hole punch to make holes in each one for the provision. Then, just put them on and present them at your venue.

What Size Sparklers Do They Fit?

Fortunately, the universal design of our sparkler tags allows you to use them with nearly any size. Even if you choose our extra long 36 inch sparklers, all you need to do is make sure the slits are big enough to slide over them. They are printed on heavy card stock, so you won’t need to worry about them tearing because of size.

Best Uses for Sparkler Tags

Typically, sparkler tags are used when you are displaying them in a bucket, centerpiece, or vase. However, you can also place them around the centerpieces on the table similar to using confetti. That’s why the come without slits or holes; not everyone wants to use them that way. By placing them on the table, you can save time and allow your guests to take an extra souvenir home.

How Many Do I Need?

I suggest having at least 1 tag for every 4 sparklers in your display bucket, centerpiece, or vase. For most weddings, 25 or 50 tags is plenty to decorate things properly. However, many couples want a tag on each sparkler. In that situation, you’ll need to order the same number of tags as you do sparklers.

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Tag Design

Craft, White, Black

Package Size

25 Tags, 50 Tags, 100 Tags

31 reviews for Sparkler Tags

  1. Carrie P.

    I ordered a small pack of all three for variety. They all match really well even though they’re different colors. Very nice touch to ordinary looking sparklers.

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