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Create the perfect experience at your celebration with our complete 20 inch sparkler kits! This package deal contains everything you need including sparklers, display buckets, tags, torches, and our printable send-off display kit. It literally has everything you need (except butane for the torches) to pull off your wedding without any hassles or stress!

  • A complete wedding sparkler kit in one package.
  • Includes 20 inch wedding sparklers.
  • Comes with display buckets, tags, torches, and our printable display kit.
  • Available in 4 packages depending on the size of your guest list.
  • Save money versus purchasing everything separately.

*Kits do not include butane for the torches. Picture frame depicted is sold separately.


Our 20 inch wedding sparkler kits are the ultimate way to celebrate in style! It features everything you need including sparklers, tags, display buckets, torches, and so much more. Additionally, our kits are available in 4 different sizes depending on how many guests you expect to attend. Below, you will find a complete breakdown of each package size and what it includes. However, we also have 36 inch wedding sparkler kits available if you want the longest lasting option that we offer.

What’s Included in Our 20 Inch Sparkler Kits?

We have 4 packages available; each designed for weddings of a certain size. We have kits for 50 person, 100 person, 150 person, and 200 person weddings. Here is a breakdown of what’s included in each kit.

50 Person Package

  • 4 – Sparkler torch lighters
  • 50 – 20 inch sparklers
  • 2 – 11” Chalkboard Display Buckets
  • 50 – Pre-printed sparkler tags
  • Downloadable Send-Off Display Kit
  • Retail Value of Over $165 When Purchased Separately!

100 Person Package

  • 8 – Sparkler torch lighters
  • 100 – 20 inch sparklers
  • 4 – 11” Chalkboard Display Buckets
  • 100 – Pre-printed sparkler tags
  • Downloadable Send-Off Display Kit
  • Retail Value of Over $273 When Purchased Separately!

150 Person Package

  • 12 – Sparkler torch lighters
  • 150 – 20 inch sparklers
  • 6 – 11” Chalkboard Display Buckets
  • 150 – Pre-printed sparkler tags
  • Downloadable Send-Off Display Kit
  • Retail Value of Over $372 When Purchased Separately!

200 Person Package

  • 16 – Sparkler torch lighters
  • 200 – 20 inch sparklers
  • 8 – 11” Chalkboard Display Buckets
  • 200 – Pre-printed sparkler tags
  • Downloadable Send-Off Display Kit
  • Retail Value of Over $479 When Purchased Separately!

Details About the Included Accessories

We include all the accessories that most couples want for their celebration. Here is a breakdown of each item included in this package so you’ll know exactly what will be arriving at your door.


Each of these kits will include our 20” sparklers. If you select the correct package size based on your guest list, you will have enough to give one to each guest. They are the same high quality products that we offer on our website “a la cart”, so you won’t be sacrificing quality to get a better deal.


We include a pre-printed sparkler tag for each sparkler in your kit. They arrive pre-printed and cut to size; you just need to make a small slit or hole to slide them over your sparklers. Optionally, there is tag templates included in the downloadable send-off kit that you can customize and print at home.

Torch Lighters

Our torch lighters are the ultimate way to light sparklers quickly and efficiently. These burn much hotter than a regular lighter, so you can get the party going in record time. Additionally, the larger flame allows you to light multiple items simultaneously so there isn’t any “down time” before your grand exit. Our lighters are shipped without butane due to federal transit guidelines. Butane is available at most stores for only a few dollars, and one container will fill a lot of lighters.

11” Chalkboard Display Buckets

Our 11” chalkboard display buckets are the perfect size to show off and distribute your sparklers! Each bucket will hold around 25 items elegantly, and you can use them on your reception tables or near your guestbook. The integrated chalkboard allows you to customize your message using ordinary chalk, and you can erase it so it can be used again in the future.

Downloadable Send-Off Display Kit

We have done the hard work for you! Our downloadable send-off display kit comes with all of the PDFs and templates that you need to make every detail perfect. Once you’ve downloaded the files, you can edit the templates to add your names, wedding date, and other important information. Then, you simply print them out on high quality paper at home. We’ve included guides, tag templates, announcement sheets, and much more. Here’s a breakdown of what comes in this downloadable package.

  • Sparkler Send-Off Sign: Editable file so you can add your names, send-off time, and your wedding date.
  • Sparkler Tags: 2 “ready to print” options and 1 editable option.
  • Guest Instructions: Editable file so you can add your names and the correct time for your send-off.
  • Coordinator Instructions: Printable guide featuring all the information your coordinator will need to put together your send-off.
  • Send-Off Guide: Printable guide with all the information about send-offs and an introduction to using sparklers for a wedding exit.

*All “ready to print” files are in PDF format, all “editable” files are in .docx format.

Our complete 20 inch sparkler kits are the easiest and most elegant way to make your celebration perfect. By purchasing the complete package, you will get substantial savings compared to buying the accessories separately. Overall, this kit is the most affordable way to have a send-off at your wedding.

Additional information

Package Size

50 Person Kit, 100 Person Kit, 150 Person Kit, 200 Person Kit

38 reviews for 20 Inch Sparkler Kits – Complete Package

  1. Luna

    I did the painstaking work of adding all the items included in this package to the shopping cart on a different website for comparison. In the end, this package was over $100 cheaper than buying the items separately from their competitors. On top of that, the quality is amazing and I couldn’t be happier. The sparkler torches are especially awesome and I’ll never need to buy another lighter again! Shipping was fast, too. Great prices!

  2. Maren

    Love that they make a simple package that gives you everything. I’m very pleased.

  3. Jordan

    This kit made it so much easier to get everything I needed. It even comes with little instruction cards so you can get everything setup just right. It really takes the guesswork out of the whole thing. I was extremely happy with the results!

  4. Christopher Jones

    Really love the refillable lighters. They are super high quality and I’ll get years of use out of them. Everything else was perfect too. Great buy.

  5. Libby

    I love kits, they make everything so easy. Great savings and everything you’ll need is included.

  6. Wanda

    I didn’t use everything that came in the kit, but it still saved me over $50. The lighters, buckets, and tags are the best accessories that they include by far.

  7. Charlene

    Had to call Heather for support, she answered right away. What a great company.

  8. Todd

    Wow do these lighters really crank out the heat! They lit our sparklers instantly.

  9. Clyde

    Great products.

  10. Sandy Jones

    The included tags were excellent, they matched our theme exactly!

  11. Mureen

    Exactly as described, couldn’t be happier.

  12. Terrance

    Nothing better than having everything you want in a single box.

  13. Mary

    Everything arrived when it should and the sparklers performed as described. Would buy again.

  14. Andy

    Arrived in just 2 days, BLAZING fast shipping!

  15. Winslow

    Love that they even include the buckets. What an awesome kit!

  16. Kerri S.

    Best prices on the internet, and the bundle savings are wonderful.

  17. Albert

    Prices keep getting better the more you buy. Includes everything you want and need.

  18. Cindy

    Kits make everything so much easier! Everything that came with it was great and I used it all.

  19. Thomas

    My wife made me take care of getting the sparklers for our wedding. I found this kit and it looked simple. Came with everything I needed and more. Turnkey solution for something I thought would be a hassle.

  20. Milania

    The buckets and tags make the price worth it alone. Great value no matter how you look at it.

  21. Lindi

    Great kit and fast shipping. Very pleased.

  22. Nancy

    What great customer service! Heather answered on the 2nd ring, handled my issue, and I couldn’t be happier. Great sparklers, too!

  23. Cathy

    Love the one click purchase. Exactly how I role.

  24. Stephen

    Absolutely everything you need.

  25. Reggie F.

    Perfect kit for people who like to hit the easy button.

  26. Clint

    Super fast shipping.

  27. Annie W.

    Paired them with a bucket and they were the talk of the wedding! Great product.

  28. Maren

    Everything you need, nothing you don’t. A perfect kit for any bride. Fast shipping, too.

  29. Amelia C.

    The buckets are super high quality and I’ll use them for many years to come.

  30. Ciara U.

    No need for weights or anything at the bottom of the bucket. It is the right height and has plenty of weight.

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