15” Chalkboard Sparkler Display Bucket


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Our 15” chalkboard sparkler display bucket is the perfect way to display your 36 inch wedding sparklers at your celebration! They are the perfect size to hold our 36 inch products, and the integrated chalkboard allows you to write any message you like.

  • Made from durable galvanized steel for a beautiful appearance.
  • Perfect size to display 36 inch sparklers.
  • Integrated chalkboard allows for easy customization.

*Sparklers are sold separately.

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This 15” chalkboard sparkler display bucket is for our 36 inch products only. If you are using 20 inch sparklers, please purchase our 11” display buckets instead.

Displaying your sparklers at your wedding is almost as important as how you use them. One of the biggest challenges that couples face is making them blend into their theme. Fortunately, the attractive appearance of our 15” chalkboard sparkler display buckets perfectly complement themes of any style!

Additionally, these buckets feature a small chalkboard so you can write any message you desire. Many brides write “sparkler send-off” or something similar, but the options are unlimited. Then, you can place the bucket on your guestbook table for easy distribution. Optionally, you can purchase several display buckets and place one on each reception table. The chalkboards use regular writing chalk, so there are no special items to track down and purchase.

How Many Do I Need

Each 15” chalkboard sparkler display bucket can comfortably hold approximately 50 sparklers. So, we suggest 1 bucket for every increment of 50 that you purchase. If you plan to place them on every table, you will need 1 for each table.

21 reviews for 15” Chalkboard Sparkler Display Bucket

  1. Christina

    Worked great at our guest book table. Much nicer looking than dollar store vases or plastic containers.

  2. Chelsea

    Loved these buckets! I wrote “let love sparkle” on the chalkboards and it was SOOO cute! You should definitely put something in the base to weigh it down like glass beads or rocks. They are the perfect height for 36″ sparklers.

  3. Michael

    Bought a few of these with my order. They are the perfect size for this purpose. Great quality.

  4. Jackson

    Our sparklers looked great sitting in these buckets. Very happy.

  5. Sam

    Shipping was fast and everything arrived exactly as expected. Great company.

  6. Toby

    Erasable chalkboard works great.

  7. Delilah

    Super high quality buckets, these should last for years.

  8. Doris

    Perfect way to show off your sparklers. We had our guests write little messages on the chalkboards too!

  9. Beth

    Best part of my decorations, and now I use them at home.

  10. Brent W.

    Got them in my kit, but they were actually my favorite item. All sorts of uses after the fact.

  11. Gary

    Fastest shipping ever.

  12. Lindsay J.

    Beautiful rustic design. Great purchase.

  13. Kara

    Fast shipping with my other products.

  14. Christine

    Great accessory to hold your sparklers.

  15. Irena R.

    The chalkboard is a really cool feature. Holds 36 inch sparklers without any issues.

  16. Kelvin R.

    The bucket really made a big difference in the presentation. Sparklers aren’t very attractive on their own. Definitely recommend this accessory!

  17. Shelly L.

    Only buy these for your event. They are amazing,

  18. Connie T.

    Great add-on for your 36 inch sparklers. Chalkboard is a nice little touch.

  19. Felicia W.

    Sturdy buckets, and it even came with chalk for the chalkboard.

  20. Peťa Debora

    36″ sparklers fit perfect. Great that they added free shipping.

  21. Vicki O.

    Good price and the sparklers fit well. Worth the extra money.

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