11” Chalkboard Sparkler Display Bucket


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Our 11” chalkboard sparkler display bucket is the perfect way to display your 20 inch wedding sparklers at your celebration! They are the perfect size to hold our 20 inch products, and the integrated chalkboard allows you to write any message you like.

  • Made from durable galvanized steel for a beautiful appearance.
  • Perfect size to display 20 inch sparklers.
  • Integrated chalkboard allows for easy customization.

*Sparklers are sold separately.

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Our 11” chalkboard sparkler display bucket is for our 20 inch products only. If you are using 36 inch sparklers, please purchase our 15” display buckets instead.

Displaying your sparklers at your wedding is almost as important as how you use them. One of the biggest challenges that couples face is making them blend into their theme. Fortunately, the attractive appearance of our 11” chalkboard sparkler display buckets perfectly complement themes of any style!

Additionally, these buckets feature a small chalkboard so you can write any message you desire. Many brides write “sparkler send-off” or something similar, but the options are unlimited. Then, you can place the bucket on your guestbook table for easy distribution. Optionally, you can purchase several display buckets and place one on each reception table. The chalkboards use regular writing chalk, so there are no special items to track down and purchase.

Is the 11” Chalkboard Sparkler Display Bucket Right for You?

There are a few different factors that play a role when choosing a sparkler bucket; or whether to have one at all! Obviously, the length of your sparklers is an important aspect. However, other elements such as how many you will display and how they will be used are just as important. Even deciding whether or not to use sparkler tags can play a role! Here’s a quick breakdown to help you decide if this size is right for your wedding.

Sparkler Size

The biggest factor for choosing a bucket size is the length of your sparklers. This size is perfect for 18”-20” versions. Additionally, you can use the 10 inch version if you add a base of gravel or dragon’s tears to add a few inches of height. However, 36 inch sparklers are much too long for this size, so you should choose the 15” bucket in that scenario.

Number of Guests

The number of guests who attend your wedding will make a big difference. If you are having too large of a wedding, it can be cumbersome to display that many buckets on your guestbook table. In that situation, you may want to create centerpieces with your sparklers instead. However, for normal sized events, they will work fine for displaying them elegantly.

What Activity Do You Have Planned?

Occasionally, certain activities are less than ideal for distributing with buckets. For instance, if you are having an outdoor wedding exit at night, giving them out by hand may be easier. Conversely, if there is a table near the exit, it can be easy for guests to grab one as the get into place. Be sure that your activity makes sense for distributing your favors in buckets before you decide to purchase.

How Many Do I Need

Each 11” chalkboard sparkler display bucket can comfortably hold approximately 50 sparklers. So, we suggest 1 bucket for every increment of 50 that you purchase. If you plan to place them on every table, you will need 1 for each table.

16 reviews for 11” Chalkboard Sparkler Display Bucket

  1. Kim

    I’m so happy that I purchased the chalkboard version of their buckets! It was fun writing different messages on each one for my friends to read. Best of all, they work great for flower buckets after your wedding is done. Really great quality for the price.

  2. Tiffany

    Looked great at our barn wedding. Arrived with the rest of my order, fast shipping and great quality.

  3. Cheng Wi

    Very sturdy construction and high quality.

  4. Tanya

    Great prices and fast shipping.

  5. Kayla

    I picked these for my centerpieces instead of vases. We got a lot of compliments at our wedding. Very fair pricing.

  6. Abigail

    Not flimsy, very sturdy. They arrived quickly and I love the chalkboard.

  7. Lisa James

    The chalkboards are so cool, and mine even came with a little piece of chalk. Worth it!

  8. Lynn

    Very elegant. Fast shipping.

  9. Laura from Kentucky

    Very sturdy bucket. I like the design because I’ll have some great uses for them in my art room after the wedding.

  10. Sophia

    Held my 20 inch sparklers perfectly at our guest table. Added some tags for a decorative touch, and everyone just grabbed one as they signed the guestbook. It worked perfectly.

  11. Jaxson E.

    Very heavy so it doesn’t tip. The chalkboard is a nice touch for customizing the message.

  12. Noreen D.

    Great quality and I was able to fit over 100 sparklers in it.

  13. Ali F.

    Bought this for my star shaped sparklers. Perfect.

  14. Stan S.

    Holds 20 inch sparklers perfectly.

  15. Frans Hubert

    Perfect sized buckets for 20 inch sparklers.

  16. James R.

    Sturdy bucket for the price.

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