There are many reasons to know the most popular wedding months and seasons that are couples are choosing. Most commonly, brides want to avoid the busiest dates to save on the expensive prices this demand can bring. This information can also be useful if you are planning a trivia game for your wedding reception.

  • June is the most popular month for weddings, then August, followed by September and October.

A Breakdown of Popular Wedding Months

  • January – 4.7%
  • February – 7.0%
  • March – 6.1%
  • April – 7.4%
  • May – 9.8%
  • June – 10.8%
  • July – 9.7%
  • August – 10.2%
  • September – 9.6%
  • October – 9.4%
  • November – 7.4%
  • December – 7.8%

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As you can see from the list above, the most popular wedding months are from May through October. If you are trying to keep your wedding on a small budget, choosing a month between November and April can save you a lot of money. You need to balance your budgetary needs with having the celebration of your dreams, and it can be a delicate dance. However, by avoiding the most popular wedding months, you can have more money to put into other parts of your wedding; or even make your honeymoon more elaborate.

Choosing a Season Instead of Popular Wedding Months

Here are a few benefits for each season for weddings. December through February is considered winter, March through May is considered spring, June through August is considered summer, and September through November is considered fall.

Winter Season Benefits

Though it’s cold, there are many great benefits to winter weddings. If you choose the right venue, you can have a very beautiful landscape for saying “I do”. Honestly, I think that winter colors are my personal favorite. If you embrace the season, it can make for a great event.

Spring Season Benefits

Spring is a great season for weddings because there is less competition for great venues. There’s a bit of a gamble; the weather isn’t always predictable. However, it is a great way to get a good deal on your reception venue. Typically, you will have your choice of weekend dates. Overall, it’s the best gamble you have for a great deal and an amazing celebration.

Summer Season Benefits

Summer is busy season for weddings. Obviously, there are very benefits to summer weather; but it will cost more and be more difficult to get into the venue your truly want. However, there is no substitute for a summer wedding.

Fall Season Benefits

Fall is also a very popular time of year for unions; particularly in September and the early parts of October. Of course, some people even break out the sparklers for a wedding exit on Halloween! Furthermore, the changing colors and falling leaves make an amazing backdrop for reception photos. All-in-all, fall weddings offer the best natural beauty if the weather cooperates.