Arkansas is known as “The Natural State”, which really means a lot when planning a destination wedding in Arkansas. This nickname refers to the natural beauty and untouched feel that Arkansas brings to a wedding; completely nestled within nature’s warm embrace and brimming with trees and wildlife. If you are interested in a rustic southern-style wedding in a very authentic location, then planning your destination wedding in Arkansas is an excellent choice to achieve the southern look and feel that you desire for your big day. But why is better than, say, planning your wedding in Alabama? Read on to find out all the key incentives of this choice!

Best Places to Get Married in Arkansas

When planning a destination wedding in Arkansas, choosing the right venue is crucial. Though there are hundreds of great options, there are a few that are the most popular and desirable. Here are my three favorite spots to help you find the perfect venue.

Thorncrown Chapel

Thorncrown Chapel is one of the most unique looking buildings you will ever see in your life. It’s nestled within the dense woods of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Thorncrown Chapel features architecture made from thatched wood beams and glass panels that are perfect for unforgettable photos. Additionally, the beautiful acoustics will make your wedding music sound amazing. If you are planning a destination wedding in Arkansas and are looking to have it outdoors, then Thorncrown Chapel might be the perfect place to have the amazing southern-style wedding of your dreams.

Arkansas Arts Center

If you are looking for a venue in Arkansas that has a little more flexibility, then look no further than the Arkansas Arts center. Located in Little Rock, this wedding venue offers two different facilities from which to choose to host your wedding ceremony and reception. First, the main building of the Arkansas Arts Center has three locations for your ceremony including two indoor rooms and an outdoor area. Brimming with modern charm, the Arkansas Arts Center is a great choice for any bride looking for a modern style wedding in the heart of Arkansas.

Optionally, you can have your wedding at the Terry House, which is also located at the Arkansas Arts Center. The Terry House is an 1839 Greek revival style home offering both indoor and outdoor areas for your ceremony and reception. Some of the main features and attractions include brick paved walkways and butterfly gardens, indoor art galleries and elegant southern-style dining rooms. The Terry House is the perfect choice when planning a destination wedding in Arkansas for the bride who wants more of a traditional southern-style wedding than the other facilities at the Arkansas Arts Center has to offer.

Little Rock Zoo

Image of a Wedding Location at the Little Rock ZooIf you are looking for an Arkansas wedding experience that is a little more out of the ordinary, the Little Rock Zoo may be the perfect wedding venue for your special day. With the help of the zoo staff, you can select the perfect place for your wedding on the grounds, and you can choose nearly anywhere you like for both the ceremony and reception. Get married in front of your favorite types of monkeys or other animals, an even have some of the wildlife take part in your wedding. If you are looking for a fun, wild, and memorable wedding experience in Arkansas, look no further than the Little Rock Zoo.

Best Activities for an Arkansas Wedding

Since Arkansas offers so much natural beauty, there are several awesome activities that are ideal for your event. Since the weather is so great there, all of these suggestions will take place outside. Here is some inspiration to help you round out the party.


Camping is an extremely fun activity; particularly in Arkansas. There is so much natural beauty that you can literally do it almost anywhere. Moreover, camping is a great way to celebrate a wedding to keep things cost-effective! First, you should consider saying your vows around the campfire. After, you can easily make s’mores as a snack for your guests. To end the evening, you can hand out sparklers to use while you’re camping. At the end of the night, everyone can settle into their tents before enjoying the fresh morning air.


Fishing is one of the most common pastimes in the area. There are thousands of lakes, rivers, and streams that are ideal for a relaxing setting. Even if it’s just for the bachelor party, it’s still a great addition. When planning a destination wedding in Arkansas, it’s hard to go wrong by including fishing in the celebration.

Sparkler Exit

Lastly, being able to have your activities outdoors opens a whole world of possibilities. One of the easiest ways to enjoy nature is to have a sparkler exit! In order to do it safely, you need a very open space and plenty of fresh air; two things that Arkansas has in abundance. The best time to do it is to have your sparkler exit in the spring, but any time of year can work s well. Just hand them out, line up your guests, and get ready for some amazing photos.

No matter which venue or what activities you decide on, planning a destination wedding in Arkansas can be a real treat. Sure, there are plenty of other states that are appealing as well. However, few can match the open spaces and natural beauty of this great state. On top of that, the firework laws in Alabama allow you a lot of flexibility. In the end, where you do it is completely up to you. Whatever you choose, good luck and I hope you have an amazing celebration!